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MAR-TYR-DOM3656d ago

that was a good ad in general, but as a gamer viewing that, it just sucked, a kid looking at "something" and just flashing ps3 isnt going to cut it. Come on sony, you have the games now just show them to the world!

Foliage3656d ago

There are a bunch of 360 ads playing here in Canada and of course they are for multi-platform games. You would imagine that they would start showing Gears now that they finally have an exclusive game that some people will care about.

They have this one stupid commercial where it shows a close up of someones face and then the camera rotates to the back of the persons head where there is a large hole. Within the hole is two people excited on a coach. There is a small television that you can barely see, which is the only thing in the commercial that actually shows the game. At least the PS3 commercial is a teaser.

Final_Rpg3656d ago

What kind of console ad doesn't show the console!! I liked how he was staring at something awe inspiring but they could at least show what it is. How the hell are the uninformed going to be able to understand the beauty of that sexy black beast if it isn't visible! This ad could go places if it is one of those ads done in parts that collaborate when you watch them all and end up making total sense because of it.

jwatt3656d ago

Be patient I think it's leading up to something.

Elimin83656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

They did show what seem to be part of motostorm in the bottom left corner of the video, maybe that is just a taste of things to come.... hmmm know ....

robep33656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Look at it again look at reflection in puddle!!


whoelse3655d ago

"PLAYSTATION 3 Holiday campaign launches with a series of 3 :15 second TV spots. Each TV spot hints to what is come for the bigger campaign that will launch on 11/21."

These are already appearing similar to the UK 360 adverts.

acedoh3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I think SONY is trying to gear their commercials towards a wider audience. In all three commercials it shows different people and different games. A child, a teenager, and an adult couple. The commercials are mysterious and present the PS3 as a more mature experience. I also hope that the 21st day may bring on a price cut with their new 160gig console. Considering the 21st lands on a Friday which is exactly one week before the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season.

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PirateThom3656d ago

I like this, it's like the older PS2 ads.

Plus, it's only a "teaser" for the big add campaign on the 21st November.

Flipfito3656d ago

big ad campaign? did i miss something? where did you hear this?

GrandTheftZamboni3656d ago

"...Each TV spot hints to what is come for the bigger campaign that will launch on 11/21. "

RememberThe3573656d ago

You think the fanboys are bad here, check out the comments section on this video. It's hilarious.

shine13963656d ago

Price cut?

I do really like this advert. I love the music.

oh and thanks to elimin8 for spotting the motorstorm bottom left.

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ThatCanadianGuy3656d ago

I liked the reflection in the water of the flaming car rolling..

At first i figured it was a subtle add for motorstorm 2

But it was in the city..then i thought..resistance 2 maybe?
Who know's...the commercial got my attention..and made me think.

Looking forward to the other two.

Wolfgare3656d ago

Teaser for a new Twisted Metal, maybe?

Foliage3656d ago

The obvious choice is Motorstorm, but I do hope it is Twisted Metal. The music did seem a little odd.. almost like an ice cream truck... lol

BananaSlug3656d ago

the ice cream truck was obviously on fire

Jerkapotamus3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

It was set in the same world, but in a diner and it showed a reflection of Ratchet and Clank in the window. I'd really prefer an add that showcased a whole bunch of the games coming out this year.

Imallvol73656d ago

I have seen a few of these on TV. I think showing fun games is probably a better decision, but I do like the atmosphere of this commercial. If i didn't already have a PS3, it would make me wonder what I was missing.

whoelse3655d ago

This is just a teaser. So I'm guessing those are to come 21st November.

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