Insomniac Games Opens its Doors for Fans

From the Source: "The release of the critically lauded Resistance 2 didn't mark the end of a journey for Insomniac Games. With a couple of fan-based events last week, the Burbank-based developers renewed their relationship with their biggest fans. Just a few days ago, Insomniac threw open their doors to the whole of Southern California, and close to 200 members of the Insomniac community took the day off work or school and trekked into the valley for a full day of gaming, autograph schwag sessions, and an inside look at how they made Resistance 2."

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i_like_ff73624d ago

I wanted to go so bad but i live too far :(

ThanatosDMC3624d ago

They're lucky... I want a Bullseye Mark II replica...

Rhythmattic3624d ago

Yeah, Me too... The Other side of the Planet unfortunately...

One things for sure, Insomniac Really are the Nice guys of the Industry.

FrankDaTank3624d ago

California is for winners!

Doppy3624d ago

I know that's why I'm moving back soon. either San Fransisco where my aunts live, or back to L.A. I like SF more but I miss LA too.

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iHEARTboobs3624d ago

What the hell, i didn't know about this. I live close by too. The game has been fun so far. Haven't gone online yet, i'm waiting till i'm done with the campaign. I love insomniac!

Radiodread3624d ago

but 4, 5, 6, 7 MORE THAN EVAR! And MORE diversity of enemies even more! The new enemies in the campaign were cool and all, BUT there could have been more. They also could have added the lanky. tall chimera from the 1st as well as the chimera hounds. I just think a future resistance title COULD thrive and sell as much or more than a Gears title, IF they had even more different chimera, more bosses, longer campaign, and of course a different setting like South America or Africa. They focused more on multiplayer than campaign on resi-2 but it was awesome. Next time their focus should be diverted COMPLETELY to campaign.

TheHater3624d ago

dude, Resistance 2 single player is a lot longer than Gears of War

L Ronald Hubbard3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )


Why would you need a longer campaign when you'll be spending most of you're time on multiplayer?

EDIT: Nice. Phantom disagrees. I got ya'll thinking huh? Keen to prove me wrong? I guess not...

ThatCanadianGuy3624d ago

47 hours on co op so far.

still haven't finished single player yet.

Haven't even TOUCHED the 30vs30 MP yet..

R2 is the most i've gotten for 60$ in a long time.

Torch3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

The BEST!!!

I'd never be able to make it, but the least I can do is express my gratitude towards Insomniac, for consistently delivering, raising the bar, and keeping me constantly awe-struck and euphorically entertained from Christmas, 2006 to present...and undeniably beyond!

By far my most highly-regarded game development company.

Strawberry3624d ago

i really watn to go to insomniac studios

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