Capcom All-Time Sales Data

Capcom updated their all-time sales data at their investor relations site. Notably, two PSP games are in the top 10 (both Monster Hunter) and Devil May Cry 4 weighs in at 8th.

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Harry1903564d ago

basically turned them into what they are today after SF2. Too bad they are one of the last great arcade games makers.

ThanatosDMC3564d ago

If they only release the PS2 version of MH2G on the PSN. I'll be happy! I dont care if the download takes forever cuz the full game would probably be like 3-5gigs if they ever do it.

Bnet3433564d ago

Capcom! The best ever! Look at the top 5. Both are my favorite series from Capcom. :) Oh man Dino Crisis! The memories! Dino Crisis 4 I hope comes up. Dead Rising! Look at all those games Dead Rising is above. Holy crap Resident Evil CV for DC sold like poo.

ThanatosDMC3563d ago

I like the first Dina Crisis for it's dart creation. Dino Crisis 2 was pure fun! Didnt get to play Dino Crisis 3 probably didnt have money during that time.

I wish they make a Megaman Legends 3. Dunno how the story will be but they better kill off someone and they better up Megaman to X.

Dead Rising is pure fun. Having my car mess up in the basement garage was the best! I just hate the part when i had to collect 10 queens for the antidote.

Monty_The_Great3564d ago

what does SFC, FC, or MD stand for?

PantherLotus3564d ago

Super Famicom (SNES), Famicom (NES), Mega Drive (Genesis)

Monty_The_Great3564d ago

I am not trying to doubt you at all, but I have seriously never heard those names before. In my defense they make no sense at all. Where were they called this? I am not trying to be an ass or anything, I seriously just want to know.

PantherLotus3564d ago

I can't fault you at all for not knowing, but it is definitely base knowledge required to be part of the gaming history conversation, especially as it relates to Japan.

Glad you asked. A lot of people would feel silly for doing so!

Monty_The_Great3564d ago

I just wanted to know about where these crazy names came from.

PantherLotus3564d ago

Famicom = Family Computer = Nintendo Entertainment System.
Mega Drive = Sega Genesis.

Who knows why Nintendo shortened two words in English to make it sound Japanese? Who knows why SEGA used to be so bad-ass? These are the questions of our lives.

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NovusTerminus3564d ago

Sad that DMC3 was the best of the games and sold the worst.

Marceles3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

yeah I know...not that many people liked 2 and thought it would carry over to 3 I guess. I'm surprised Mega Man X only sold a little over a million, I loved that game

Le-mo3564d ago

They made gamers cry with Devil May Cry 2.

Ozzyb3564d ago

I was thinking the same thing.. DMC3 was awesome. It should have at LEAST sold better than that crap-fest DMC2.

PopEmUp3564d ago

you can see that the playstion brand have been a great benefit to CAPCOM

ceedubya93564d ago

They were a great benefit to each other. Actually, Capcom has done well for all the consoles its released games on. The are one of the best studios with some of the greatest, memorable characters and franchises outside of Nintendo.

Danja3564d ago

The Playstation Brand is in full effect on this list .

really wish Capcom will rethink and give us a Monster Hunter PS3.

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