Does This Generation Lack Innovation Of Gaming? StepYaGameUp Podcast - Ep 22

Blade206, DCI, WorseCase and FatAnerexic come together to talk about..

* Left 4 Dead Impressions..

* Killzone 2 Beta Impressions..

* Response to "Mario Fails to Make Sackboy a Mascot" Article..

* Next gen games lacking innovation..

* 2009 supposedly the year of the MMO..

* As always we have a step ya game up and much much more..

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-GametimeUK-3656d ago

wii fit
wii sports
mario galaxy
world of goo
wii balance board

enough innovation for me

also games with innovative art styles and weapons... gameplay elements and user generated content... online stores directly from your consoles "marketplace" / "store" / "whatever wii's is called lol... shopping channel I think"... bluray, wireless, storage devices... heck compatibility with so many different devices... HD, Achievements / Trophies... All these add to my gaming experience to make it as enjoyable as possible...

As for innovative games well it depends what aspects are innovative... Mario Galaxy for controls, Bioshock for the experience, Resistance for the alternate past, CoD4 for the perks, LBP for the user generated content, MGS4 FTW, Mirrors Edge for the controls and a new first person experience, Gears of War for what I believe was the first true current gen game, Uncharted for visuals and blend of gameplay styles (also soundtrack),

And a lot of games have innovative art styles / soundtracks / graphics