Many Lancers Make Light Work

Adam LaMosca from The Escapist writes:

"I'm generally a solo gamer. Not by design, but by default. Parenthood, a U.S. West Coast residence, and a generally busy life mean my gaming activities occur late at night, after most of my gaming friends are offline or asleep. Once in a while, though, I'll end up in the same online lobbies with the same group of friends, on a near-nightly basis, for weeks on end.

As a result, we've long since abandoned action multiplayer mainstays like Counter-Strike or Unreal Tournament. Halo deathmatches have limited appeal. In fact, with the advent of this new console generation, I, like many of my gaming friends, had all but thrown in the towel on multiplayer action games.

But co-op brought us back. And co-op is now how we prefer to game."

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