GamesRadar: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

Rare have actually supplied you with a massive physics laboratory: science-led user generated content, but with a precise objective to anchor it. Nuts & Bolts is the game equivalent of one of those human-powered flight competitions – you build a contraption and see if it works. Hell, that very task – fly off a ramp without an engine – is even included. Think inside the box and deal with momentum, gravity and aerodynamics. Or by all means, think outside the box and propel yourself with an extendable boxing glove. Film your attempts. Swap blue-prints. Compete online for high scores. Stomach the game padding to unlock new parts and get back to the drawing board. Rare are back, and they haven't grown up one little bit. Thank the Lord of Games.

You'll love:
* Most colorful game on 360
* Rammed with experimental fun
* Self-referential humor

You'll hate:
* Ridiculously overcomplicated
* Too much collecting
* Not really a Banjo game

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Spike473682d ago

hangs on to the 8.0 mark, but I bet it's a fun game overall. I hope Rare brings Conker back.

LastDance3682d ago

"Not really a Banjo game"