GameZone: Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors Review

Kung-Fu Panda was one of the biggest movies of this past summer, and was pretty well-received by critics. The Kung-Fu Panda game came out around the same time, and while it's not going to replace GoldenEye as best movie/game adaptation ever, it was a perfectly decent little action/platformer that kept enough of the fun and spirit of the movie to entertain the film's pre-teen audience. But now, just five months later Activision has released another Kung-Fu Panda game, Legendary Warriors, set to accompany the film's DVD release (not to mention the lucrative Christmas season). And while Legendary Warriors isn't an exact clone of the previous game, the changes they've made aren't really for the better.

Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 6.8
Sound 6.2
Difficulty Easy
Concept 5.6
Overall 6.4

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