Game Vortex: MySims Review

Game Vortex writes: "MySims first made its debut on the Wii, and I had fun covering it then. I am always amazed how games like this can suck me in and hold my attention for so long. Even though I have played this game for many hours on the Wii, I was quickly on my way to doing the same on the PC version. I was really happy to see that it wasn't just a straight port to the PC. They have used the time to add some new features. Did they make a good game better? I think they did.

It is no secret the Wii is not a graphical powerhouse. So, now that the game has made the jump to PC, it looks even better than it ever did. There is also a noticeable performance pick up, and animations appear to have smoothed out considerably. This is still the highly stylized and kid-friendly look, just cleaner. The new content fits in seamlessly. This new material really does make the difference to how the game looks just because there is much more detail you can add to your creations."

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