Can "The Dark Knight" save Blu-ray?

Nine years ago, the DVD of "The Matrix" shattered records and catapulted the budding DVD format into the mainstream. Can "The Dark Knight" do the same thing for Blu-ray?
The Blu-ray release of "The Dark Knight" is slated to Dec. 9, and as Video Business [via High-Def Digest] reports, Warner Brothers has more than a million Blu-ray copies of the Batman blockbuster teed up for retailers-reportedly, the most ever for a Blu-ray movie to date.

Indeed, "The Dark Knight" is perhaps the biggest gotta-have Blu-ray title yet, bigger even than "Iron Man" (which has sold about 500,000 Blu-ray copies so far, according to Video Business) and "Transformers."

But here's the big question: Will the popularity of "TDK" translate into a tipping point for Blu-ray, as "The Matrix" (which was the first DVD to ship more than 1.5 million units back in 1999) did for DVD?

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Gun_Senshi3683d ago

Does Blu-ray need to be saved...?

meepmoopmeep3683d ago

yeah, i was also pondering that question

i got Pans Labyrinth today on poo-ray


JackBauerIsHIGH3683d ago

Blu-Ray does not need to be saved at all. That said, this will be just like The Matrix was for DVD. The BD sales for this are going to be through the roof.

Peter Griffin3683d ago

poo ray eh J? Yo no sey, but hey its blu ray ok, now lets play some more 2k which is by the way, very gay so i much rather play a lil game called Resistance Tre wit co op play that i bought today and which i cant seem to put down to lay

sonarus3683d ago

Isn't the initial shipment for bluray 1,000,000?

Dark Knight will shatter blu ray records easily but one title can't rescue a failing system...fortunately blu ray isn't failing. More and more titles are being released and more and more players are being sold

meepmoopmeep3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

+bubble Peter

you freestyle better than... well, anyone!

Peter Griffin3683d ago

Appreciated Meep lol

Im on tour this month, so check ur local listings to see if im coming to a town near you!

Santa Monica, CA 11/19/08
New York City, NY 11/23/08
Westbubbaf*ck, IA 2/30/46

meepmoopmeep3683d ago

dude, i noez!

i gots backstage passes to that mofo!

Peter Griffin3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

lmaooo where the gangsta accent come from?

no worries ur touring wit us, we can use a Sack of ur nature

Aclay3683d ago

Blu-ray doesn't need saving and the format has done well so far.

Just this week I saw a Wal-mart T.V. commercial and they were advertising Blu-ray players and Blu-ray DVD's. If Walmart starts pushing Blu-ray, then I'm sure some people will be getting into Blu-ray if they haven't already.

The Dark Knight is this years biggest movie and I'm sure it will shatter Blu-ray sales records... if The Dark Knight can't get more people into Blu-ray, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy coming Blu-ray next year sure will.

meepmoopmeep3683d ago

hehe... i got that from mah boyz from Jane & Finch

red5ive3683d ago

we need Star Wars on Blu-Ray! 1-6 please!

GIJeff3683d ago

does NOT need saving, but this will make it even MORE mainstream than it is.

Danja3683d ago

Ha im pretty sure even the write of this article will be buying TDK on Blu Ray when it's released. what does the Blu Ray needs to be saved from..? it's already selling faster than DVD was and it's already achieved 12% market which is pretty imprssive for a format that for some reason is consistently being labeled doomed..

joydestroy3683d ago


you took the words right out of my mouth pretty much.
i didn't know blu-ray needed saving.

SketchCA3683d ago

Comparing a blu-ray to DVD is stupid. Its like the leap from VHS to DVD. If you have the right cables, tv, player, and movie, the results are more than worth it. Never thought I would be excited to be able to see individual pores on a guys face but it is awesome.

Just so you know, The Fall is a great example of a movie that is just made for Blu-Ray. Not a great story line but the visuals are top notch. Especially the beginning where you can see individual drops of water glittering in the sun light. Might as well been an ad for blu-ray or HD tvs.

anh_duong3683d ago

blu-ray needs to be saved from itself.

AAACE53683d ago

I didn't know Blu-ray was sick? :/

Blu-ray will be fine!

anh_duong3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

people just can't see my sarcasm..

why can't people just accept that all the other mediums that failed had major rivals and weren't supported by the studios.

- blu-ray has no rival in the realms of physical hd media

- blu-ray is supported by almost every single studio on earth

these two points count for everything. anyone who has studied products should know this by now.


take for example:

betamax failed => vhs rival, failing studio support

laserdisc failed =>dvd rival, hardly any studios

minidisc =>mp3 rival

hi8 =>minidv rival

phillips dcc => dvd, no studio support


blu-ray => no rival in physical portable medium of similar quality, full studio support, rapidly dropping prices

end result: blu-ray ain't going to fail.

SL1M DADDY3683d ago

Makes me wonder when the idiots that write this crap will see the signs and come to grips with the FACT that BD has won and is tracking better than DVD did when it was released...

Mr_Bun3683d ago

These articles have absolutely no merit...When Blu-ray is in every home and has sold about 57,000,000,000,000,000 units, Early HD DVD adopters will still be saying that the format is dead and that DD is the way of the future...

The only chance of Blu-ray dying, is if people stop claiming that it is dying, which apparently is highly unlikely.

godofthunder103683d ago

I'm a movie freak and an electronic freak to but i never bought a br player and i'm not going to.I have a 60in 180p 24 tv.A 5.1 polk surround sound system.Dtv with hd programming.Don't get me wrong i hope that the people that have it will enjoy them and i wish them all the luck.

People keep bringing up that Br is selling better then DVDs were at this time.I'm not going to say it's not true because i don't know and it might be true.The fact is that DVDs were makeing money at this time and BR is still looseing money at this time.

I know that BR pic is better then DVDs pic.The fact is that no matter how good something is ,if it isn't makeing a profit it isn't good for the consumers if they jump in it with their eyes closed.The fact is that companies will only continue so long with out makeing a profit then they will discontinue it.

The problem with Br fans is that the fans of it are the ones that bought a ps3 player and it plays BR so actualy they like it more then DVDs.They have some people that's not but the vast majority or the ones that have a ps3 and if they didn't have the ps3 some of them never would have bought a Br player.They love Br and they want it to make it.I hope it makes it to.The problem is that BR fans want admitt that BR might fell.Like i said before it's better then DVDs.The fact is that if Br doesn't start showing a profit soon they might discontinue them.If profit didn't matter then Br will make it without a doubt because the pic is better.The fact is that companies like profit and that is all they matter.They will only lose money on a product for so long and that's it.If BR doesn't start makeing a profit soon then BR future isn't as bright as fans make it out to be.

When DVD players first came out i paid $400 for one because the pic was 100 times better then VHS and you didn't have to rewind them.The problem with Br is that the only thing different then DVDs is that the pic is a little better and every thing else is the same.I hope BR make it because of other people that like it.When the new Br releases get the same price or cheaper then regular DVDs i will not buy one.

prunchess3683d ago

Wow, another ‘save blu-ray’ story.

You really have to be part ostrich to write these stories. Blu-ray sales are on the increase and its’ only rival is sitting in an obsolete bin in a MS warehouse.

Blu-ray is doing well and its sales will only increase. Another author that needs to get over his purchase of a HD DVD player.

anh_duong3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )


so you claim to be a movie and e-buff, spent a fortune on a very large tv with 5.1 sound but won't spend 200usd on a br player.. that makes a lot of sense.

i am sorry, whatever way you cut it, your actions makes no sense what so ever.

the difference between blu-ray and dvd at 60inch is like the difference between night and day. you of all people should know this.

rawd3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Maybe someone should tell Yahoo that October was the biggest month for Bluray yet. Yahoo needs to play in traffic

From EngadgetHD,

Who'd a thought that The Incredible Hulk would sell so well? We sure didn't, as we predicted sales to be down more than 1.26 percent, on this week's Nielsen VideoScan chart courtesy of Home Media Magazine. Thanks to the Hulk, Blu-ray managed to net $17.71 million this week, which makes October the biggest month in history. In fact, consumers spent $76.86 million in October alone, which is more than all of August and September combined -- it will be very interesting to see if Blu-ray can keep this up through the last two months of the year though. For whatever reason the green monster was a hotter seller on Blu-ray than DVD, (edit:WAT?)as it outsold Indiana by about 4:1, which is about twice as much as the DVD version managed against the same competition. This showed up on the Blu-ray title share chart, as the Hulk stole over 18 percent away from its DVD version, which to our memory is the best of any day-and-date title ever. The fun is over next week though, as there are only so many comic book movies around, and the next one isn't due for about a month. But when the latest Batman does hit the shelves, watch out, as it should easily outsell every Blu-ray title to date including the mighty Iron Man.

In case you missed it,

For whatever reason the green monster was a hotter seller on Blu-ray than DVD, as it outsold Indiana by about 4:1, which is about twice as much as the DVD version managed against the same competition.

One more time,

For whatever reason the green monster was a hotter seller on Blu-ray than DVD, as it outsold Indiana by about 4:1, which is about twice as much as the DVD version managed against the same competition.

Ok just one more time,

For whatever reason the green monster was a hotter seller on Blu-ray than DVD, as it outsold Indiana by about 4:1, which is about twice as much as the DVD version managed against the same competition.

Common Sense3683d ago

Don't you all want progress?
You want a clearly inferior product to succeed just so you can brag?
You fanboys disgust me. Blu-Ray will succeed whether you like it or not. You can choose to remain with DVD and if you are that against change and something new, why don't you got back to VHS and listen to cassette tapes instead of mp3 players. Why would you choose to eat scraps when you can a entire banquet?

Blu-Ray won because of the PS3.
The PS3 will succeed in part by Blu-Ray. It's symbiotic relationship

It's just common sense.

Nineball21123683d ago

I think blu-ray is the next big thing and it's going to do very well.

But I have problems convincing my wife that it's worth it. She's not a big "tech" person and just thinks that blu-ray movies are too expensive compared to DVD.

I try to explain that they really aren't that much more expensive and the picture is much better, but she doesn't care.

She went to Circuit City last night to grab some deals and bought 4 movies. Guess what format? Yep, DVD. I asked her why she didn't buy them on blu-ray and she said "I'm not spending $40.00 for the same movie."

I told her that they aren't $40.00 but (like me) she can be stubborn at times.

If she has this mindset, I'm sure MANY, MANY others do too. They just need to continue to get the price of them down.

anh_duong3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

nineball,yup yup i entirely agree, there are MANY MANY other wives out there that won't let their husband grow a pair. j/k

monkey6023683d ago

Nineball. I have almost the same thoughts about this as your wife. Lately I've bought very few DVDs nevermind Blu Ray, But BDs are very expensive in my parts. I've seen single movies go up to 47euro (simpsons and pirates of the carribean) and there is no way i'll pay that for a film. However if I see a movie I like for a reasonable price I'll buy it, they arent all expensive. I've only bought 7 BDs but if they were reasonably priced I'd have a lot more. My friends see it the same way

johover1123683d ago

blu-ray doesn't need to be saved, it's actually selling in a increasing rate.

earwax3683d ago

NOBODY wants to pay 25 to 30 bucks for ANY kind of DVD. Until BR is UNDER $20 US it will FAIL.

PS3n3603683d ago

It was a stand at the front of the store full of awesome titles in the $17-$20 range. For me that is the sweet spot. I know you can get them cheap online but being able to waltz into a store and pick up Departed for pocket change is what I have been waiting for. I had to buy Sleeping Beauty for my daughter so I went for the B-ray.

Nineball21123683d ago

@ anh_duong - Hahaha... I laughed at your comment when I read it. Hey, if the wife ain't happy... nobodies happy!

And yeah... I agree with others, the price needs to be in that $15 - $20 area for people to buy them like they do DVDs currently.

Although I'ma getting TDK no matter! :-)

bunbun7773683d ago

So my first BR was Speed Racer--- (Awesome Visuals!)29.99- ouch!

the only other BR's I've gotten are Pan's Labyrinth and 300, because they were only 17.50 a piece at Best Buy- and I hate Best Buy.

Now I want Apocalypto for 20.00....

Enigma_20993683d ago

...because I'm not exactly sure that it's in trouble....

memots3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

ive read the title and thought the same thing. Does blue-ray really need to be saved ? I mean it is the best format out there and the sales keep increasing .

All this article is again unfortunately is flame bait for Fanboy.

Bubble Buddy3682d ago

Nearly all commercials for new releases on dvd are with Blu-ray along with it. No way they are even close to dying.

theEnemy3682d ago

It's not that Blu-Ray doesn't have a rival, HD-DVD just died too early.

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Chris Hansen3683d ago

Why is everyone soo negative towards Blu-ray?
Why do people keep saying Blu-ray is dying or what will save Blu-ray?
Isn't Blu-ray growing faster than DVD did?

TheHater3683d ago

yes it is, but fanboy and the medic spin it whatever way they want

ruibing3683d ago

Because they listen to the ignorant media and believe that upscaled DVD, HD streaming, and HD satellite TV comes close to Blu Ray. Knowing nothing about resolution, scaling, bitrate, and capacity, they just listen to so many of these editorials.

ultimolu3683d ago

Because some people need a reality check.
You see, his is their last defense. Soon from now, there won't be anymore ammunition to use.

PS3n3603683d ago

and it is doing it during the worst economic crisis in 70 years. Price for Br-ay players and movies have hit the sweet spot. Watch bluray players and movies fly off the shelves come Christmas.

Enigma_20993683d ago

... because HD-DVD lost the format war.

I don't care what they tell you, THAT's the real reason why.

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Darkseider3683d ago

Hmmm... Blu-Ray has grown faster than DVD did in the same amount of time yet it needs saving? These articles are getting tired and OLD. PLEASE for the love of all that's right and holy stop posting these non-sensical articles.

Enigma_20993682d ago

Compared to Blu-ray, it's still cheaper by leaps and bounds, and the drop in quality between movies on the two formats may be pretty big, but DVD still looks a hell of a lot better than VHS.

Plus you can get DVD players for as cheap as $35...

It would take Blu-ray players at a price similar, as well as the HDTVs to hook them up to in order to force DVD into a permanent retirement.

On the other hand, Blu-ray players can still play DVDs, right? So you don't have to give up your DVD collection at all, and you have the option to buy a format with better piicture and sound quality, if you so choose...

KingItachi3683d ago

These articles are getting ridiculous Blu-Ray is doing great these people need to accept that.

PirateThom3683d ago

You can watch Blu-ray or you can watch SD.

Do the right thing.

bigman73873683d ago

That sounds like some kind of anti-drug ad.