Game Focus: Bleach: Dark Souls Review

Since Game Focus never played Blades of Fate, they have to say this game builds up on something really interesting regardless of what the previous game offered. If it wasn't for the card system, the game would've rocked even more for them while experienced Bleach connoisseurs will find the perfect system to use them. Still, Bleach: Dark Souls remains a good fighting game. Of course, anyone who knows the franchise from A to Z will definitely enjoy it more than Game Focus. They didn't hate the game but it did take them time to get used to it and understand the universe in which the game was based.

+ Lots of moves to execute and characters to discover
+ Interesting story mode
+ Good variety of gameplay modes and options
+ Huge replay value
+ Impressive presentation, visuals and animations
+ Wi-Fi multiplayer that supports Download Play
+ Impressive Encyclopedia included for fans

- Fighting system difficulty increased while using the card-system
- The game becomes very challenging and hard at times
- Non-manga fans may be turned-off by this title

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