GameZone: Call of Duty: World at War PC Review

Treyarch has been on the short side of the development cycle for a while. Turnaround times for its release of off-year Call of Duty titles really prevented the company from putting its own stamp on the series. So what happens when it gets a full development cycle, and doesn't have to reinvent the wheel in terms of a game engine. Call of Duty World at War is what happens.

Built on the CoD4 engine, Treyarch has had the opportunity to focus on the gameplay. CoD 4 was a journey into the modern world. For WaW, Treyarch went back to World War II but instead of focusing on the European Theater, the dev team expanded that to play the game – through scenarios – on two fronts. Players will be immersed in the Pacific Theater in the war against the Japanese Imperial Army, and will be part of the Russian push toward Berlin.

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 9
Sound 8.8
Difficulty Medium
Concept 8.4
Multiplayer 8.8
Overall 8.5

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