Gameplayer - Call of Duty: World at War Review

Speaking plainly, Codwaw has been an uphill battle for the developers. Despite their minor, largely ignored, successes with Call of Duty 3, these guys have been living squarely in the shadow of 'the good Call of Duty developer' Infinity Ward (the talented team which brought us Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare). Besieged by rabid fanboys and horny Infinity Ward groupies, Treyarch has also had to deal with the bitching of yet another group of idiots; the cry babies who cringe at the sight of 'yet another WWII game'. Take it from us, life ain't easy when you're named Treyarch. But God bless 'em, despite all the odds being against their favour they've managed to Semper Fi and knock the sceptics and the sheep out of the ballpark with this very worthy addition to the hallowed Cod series. How did they manage to do it? By sticking to what works...

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Kleptic3570d ago

ITS WWII!!!! WWII!!!!!!!!!!!!...I'LL SAY THAT AGAIN...ITS WWII!!!!!!...


SlappingOysters3570d ago

while I hear you and I would have preferred to have seen CoD stick to the modern era, WWII isn't dead. Brothers in Arms is one of my favourite games of the year!!

SlappingOysters3570d ago

Great game by the soudns of it, glad that treyarch has started to produce the goods.

Snyph3r3569d ago

I pre-ordered it and paid in full, when I picked it up I paid an extra $5.25, EB games said that the developers increased the price when released...WTF??? This is more expensive than GEOW2 and R2 and LBP and the rest of the better games out there! I am pissed!

McFlouncy3570d ago

And what a funny sh*tfight emerged in the last few days - battle of the developers. Funny stuff. Will make this the first game I play after Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2!

SlappingOysters3570d ago

Isn't the cover system Treyarch put into Bond using the Infinity Ward engine not in CoD:WaW as well. It just seems silly that they developed it anyway but didn't include it!

NachosWithCheese3570d ago

Not another good game to play... can't you guys have given it a 2/10 so I don't have to go and fork out money for it?


SlappingOysters3570d ago

There are no good games coming next year, you can just slowly make your way through the best of 2008.

SlappingOysters3569d ago

There are no good games coming next year, you can just slowly make your way through the best of 2008.

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