GamesRadar: Call Of Duty: World at War Review

GamesRadar writes: "Call of Duty: World at War is going to upset a whole platoon of people. The gaming snobs will cite its sometimes shoddy level design and event-triggers as a reason to dislike it. Hardcore Call of Duty fans will likely sniff at Treyarch's mercilessly plundering from the fourth outing and inventing very little of their own, and the moral majority… well, they won't appreciate that the sensitive subject of war, carnage and devastation has never been so harshly handled. Everyone else (and we assume this applies to most of you hardnuts out there) will absolutely love it."

You'll love

* Extremely brutal gunplay
* Great weapon variety
* Pacific and European theaters

You'll hate

* Nothing new
* It's no CoD4
* Sometimes shoddy level design

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