Alone in the Dark: Inferno | Will Atari Redeem the Franchise?

Cory Appleton writes: "It's no secret that Alone in the Dark (AD) flopped on the 360. AD suffered from many control flaws. Clunky movements and slow pace brought the intensity of combat to a dull roar of frustration. Real time inventory, that isn't easily navigated, made for even tougher battles while you got your head chewed off because looking for the right item in your jacket. Poor driving physics made chapters that should have been a blast unforgivably infuriating.

We all know that this could have been a great game. While not necessarily sticking to it's roots, AD has a great premise and an upstanding plot line that if executed right, could go down as possible game of the year material. That's exactly what Atari hopes to accomplish on the PS3."

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ReTarDedFisHy3661d ago

No. In all willingness for good reviews for this game, I don't think it will. Played the demo on Halloween. I can tell you it didn't exactly make my night, the following party did :)

CrAppleton3661d ago

I'll wait to check the final version. Could be good.. either way, it will be better than the 360 version seeing how they have been listening to peoples complaints

bgrundman3661d ago

Honestly, it wouldn't take much to improve over the abomination that was the 360 version. It was pretty horrible!

CrAppleton3661d ago

The story is there. With improved gameplay this should be pretty good

Ap3theBad3661d ago

was pretty good,overall had GREAT visuals and kool gameplay machanics.. it was wierd to me as ive never played an Alone in the Dark game before so this was new to me.
kool game,but i think ill stick wih my pride n joy Dead space.