IGN UK: Mirror's Edge Review

IGN UK: "Just what has happened to EA of late? Once berated for its reliance on yearly updates and indistinguishable licensed fare, a series of canny acquisitions has helped realign the industry colossus as a company that's fostering new and daring propositions, the latest of which is the refreshingly unique Mirror's Edge. A second outing on the current generation for Sweden's DICE studios, Mirror's Edge is a stark new direction for a team most notorious for its trigger happy excursions with the Battlefield games, and it's first move is to almost completely dispose of the firepower that's marked out that series. In its place is an agility and sense of movement that is unparalleled, and one that helps to conjure one of the most strikingly different games of the year."

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CEO OF N4G3682d ago

To be honest i tought this game was gonna get high 9 when i saw it at E3.But im still buying the game, i dont follow review scores.If i like it i will keep it if i dont i will return it for credit.