VGC Review: Dead Space

VGC writes: "Dead Space is a sci-fi survival horror game set in the distant future where mankind has mastered space travel and the art of 'planet cracking', a process which allows for the harvesting of key resources from various planets scattered across the universe. The process of planet cracking is completed by massive spaceships (think more Battlestar Galactica than Star Trek). One such ship is the USG Ishimura. The Ishimura recently lost contact with the rest of the fleet and so a small maintenance ship is sent to investigate – you follow the story of the crew of that maintenance ship, controlling Isaac, the systems engineer.

Needless to say it quickly becomes apparent that something has gone drastically wrong on board the Ishimura. It appears that an alien race of some kind has somehow invaded the ship and culled all of her crew. And that's about where the story stops getting interesting. As a fan of many of the great sci-fi shows of recent years, the premise of Dead Space was instantly appealing – a huge, eerily abandoned spaceship floating adrift, overrun by aliens, her crew missing and your team stranded on board. Unfortunately, however, the story never goes where you want it to go. After the first hour or so it becomes completely uninteresting and gets ever more ridiculous and irrelevant – something to do with an alien relic, a hive mind, a predictable betrayal and a fanatical religious group. There's also a tedious sub-plot revolving around Isaac's girlfriend and some extremely clichéd dialogue."

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