Phoenix Games reviews Bella Sara

"Bella Sara" is a game designed for (and sure to be devoured by) little girls. This is a game where you spend time washing and brushing your fantasy horses. It's a game where you spend a lot of time trotting through the forest and dressing yourself in fun clothing.

And Phoenix Games loved it.

They know the good people at Codemasters (the game's publisher) were not angling for the thirty-something male gamer crowd when they released "Bella Sara" this month, but what can Phoenix Games say? A good game is a good game.

And "Bella Sara" is a good game.

Based on the hugely successful trading card and website series for girls, "Bella Sara" does exactly what it sets out to do: Immerse the player in a world filled with fantasy horses. Players are able to ride, care for, accessorize and trade horses with friends over the DS Wi-Fi feature while they look for secret items, exclusive cards and codes to activate on the official "Bella Sara" website.

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