Gamer's Temple - Blitz: The League II - Review

Gamer's Temple: "Madden's monopolistic grab of the NFL license was a blessing in a disguise for the NFL Blitz franchise, even though many would have thought that it would have been Blitz's death knell. Blitz may have lost the 'NFL' from its title, but it gained the freedom to emphasize whatever aspects of the sport it wanted to without the watchful eye of the NFL looking over its shoulder. Bone crunching tackles, gruesome injuries, excessive taunting and celebrating, expletives, backroom deals, ... Blitz: The League II (BTL2) revels in everything the NFL censors would squash without hesitation.

Central to BTL2 is its campaign/career mode. You begin the mode as a multisport phenom known by the nickname 'Franchise'. Your sport of choice is football, but you'll sign with the league only if you can play for your hometown team. In this case, your home town can be anywhere you want it to be; it's just a way to segue into the game's team creation tools. The team creator is pretty and lets you choose your team name and select its logo from a large library of available logos, most of which are actually really cool. You can also select up to three team colors and apply them as you wish to a variety of mix and match helmet and uniform styles. As for Mr. Franchise, you select his positions (he plays both sides of the ball, of course) and starting stats by selecting answers to a series of ten questions asked by reports at the press conference announcing your signing with The League. Once you're on the field you'll be able to control any player, though, so your selection of a position won't keep you out of the action on half of the plays like in some other games in which you take on the role of a single player."

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