LittleBigPlanet Japanese TV commercial

Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new Japanese TV commercial of LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation 3.

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Narutone663682d ago

Haven't been able to pass that level yet. That level is kinda hard. Anyway an awesome game for the PS3.

yanikins1113681d ago

haha wait till you get to the big spinny wheel with different electrified levels in it... its a blast....

is it just me or is japanese just english with "u" at the end of every word?

agmsd3681d ago

I've been to several Asian countries. Japanese for instance use some English words like "Milk" but they pronounce it "Milku". They add that "u" sound at the end of most English words they use.

Poirot93681d ago

Makes sense for LBP, but what about "Praystation Tree?" It's a japanese invention but they seem to pronounce it in quasi English...

dexterwang3681d ago

Translation anybody? Sounded like Doramon for a sec there.

Poirot93681d ago

...the Exploramon? Heh heh. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

But Yanikins is right, what's the deal with Japanese commercials featuring all that English? LeetleBeegPranetu, ftw!

Jim Hawking3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

They're saying things like, "come on!", "jump!". The guy that hits the lava said "atsui" which means hot.

Also, the Japanese don't create Japanese words for foreign things, like titles and inventions. They simply transfer as best they can to their phonetic language. For example "Milk" is not Japanese so they say (Mi*ri*ku) "Milku". "Little Big planet" is not Japanese so they say (ri*tu*ra bu*ri*gu pu*ra*ne*to) "Little bigu puraneto". They do that, i think, to keep to language pure from outside influences.

Kaneda3681d ago

That is just bad commercial.. They showed only 1 scene of the game.. and boring scene too.. maybe they should show a Japanese level with Ninjas or something.. that is just BAD..

3681d ago
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