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Fishy Fingers3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Downloading as soon as I get home :) I need to see how it plays out with a pad. Buying it for the PC, but I have friends on all platforms so I might pick up a 360 version to.

Anyone know what's included in the demo?

Bnet3433682d ago

According to my friends on Live, it's two levels, subway and apartment. I heard it was really fun. I too am getting the PC version but I'm curious how the 360 version does and will download the 360 demo as well just to play on my TV.

FreeMonk3682d ago

Very impressive!

The demo has 2 levels, Apartment and Subway as previously mentioned. You can play with 3 AI Bots as your team, or you can play 4 player co-op with either 3 friends, or search online for 3 other people!

Overall, very impressive. The number of Zombies on screen is superb, very creepy, and you can see how the co-op aspect will play in the game with saving team-mates, healing etc etc

I wasn't really bothered about Left 4 Dead, but now....if enough of my Xbox Live friends get this, I will too.

Fishy Fingers3682d ago

Cheers for the feedback guys. Sounds great. Gonna give it a buzz soon as!

+1 for ya both.

joydestroy3682d ago

yeah dude, i'm stoked! can't wait to get off work and go kill some zombies!

TheIneffableBob3682d ago

It's actually one-and-one-half levels. The second half of Subway was cut off.

ActionBastard3682d ago

Played the 360 demo recently and it was good. Fun, but not some amazing experience I was expecting. The movie feel is surprisingly well done, but the gameplay itself (I understand it is a 2 level demo, but still) was kinda boring. Move from point A to B, shoot everything and get to a safe house. In no way am I saying it's garbage, but it isn't the masterpiece gaming media would have you believe. And it's ugly.

lowcarb3682d ago

As much as i respect your opinion I find it hard to agree with. 1st off the game looks really really good and 2nd it's simply amazing what valve has done here with co-op and b flick entertainment. There is more teamwork required here then in any other game I think I've ever played. This is going to be a sleeper hit and more then just a "it's a ok game".

solar3682d ago

ive been playing the effing hell outta the demo for the last week. to really get the best of the demo is to get some buddies, and play on Expert. that is where the game really shines. do it over and over again to see how great the AI Director works. the game so far is phenomenal on Expert.

ActionBastard3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I respect your differing opinion as well, but I stand by my statements. It WAS fun, but to be fair, I'm coming off playing the Killzone 2 beta and everything is ugly to me right now. But let's also be honest about's is old and ugly and L4D shows it (at least on the 360). However, the teamwork aspects felt no different than playing Team Deathmatch in XYZ Shooter. Communication is the key (as with anything TEAM based). Besides sneaking past a Witch or shooting the tongue off a smoker, it felt like any other FPS I've played. That's not a deal breaker, just a reality...for me at least.

TheIneffableBob3682d ago

I haven't played the 360 version, but the PC version is gorgeous at max settings.

earwax3682d ago

The Zombies move carzy fast and you better play as a team or you wont last long. Ohhhhhhhhh sorry, it's NOT on PSN or the PS3

zslash3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I've only played the PC version, but for me this is GOTY material. Game looks absolutely amazing at max settings too.

BTW you need to play on Expert mode :) The game is far too easy on Normal or Hard.

AAACE53682d ago

At first I had no interest in this game, didn't understand why some magazines said this was a game to keep an eye on, and only downloaded the demo just to see how worthless the game was...

I can honestly say... I was stupid on my part! The demo for Left 4 Dead was a lot of fun, and everyone should try to play it if they can! I never really liked zombie shooter games, but this one just seems to have a fun factor that just can't be explained!

Dam good time to be a gamer!!!

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AstroZombie13682d ago

Played the 360 Demo a couple of times, going back on once i finish some PS work for college i'm so glad i pre-ordered this now. :)

Breakfast3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )


I sure hope to God, i dont like this game.
I cant keep spending money like this.


godmoney3682d ago

I didn't really cared for this game at first, but after hearing what everyone is saying about it...


Fishy Fingers3682d ago

Got a PC? See if you can run it first, this will test your hardware > http://www.systemrequiremen...

godmoney3682d ago

I will get a new laptop in the end of the month though...
So I might run it on the laptop.

I'm waiting to buy a new desktop PC for when Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 will be released :)

joydestroy3682d ago

i'm upgrading my computer next year just for that game!

NaiNaiNai3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

LMFAO. i decided to update to the NXE last night, cuase ther was no reason for me to be on XBL this week. T_T and guess what happens. god talk about bad luck XD

*O.O how do i get a disagree with this. makes no sense*

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