Gamer's Temple - The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon - Review

Gamer's Temple: "A good chunk of the game has the usual platforming, item collecting, and puzzle solving but there are some very impressive flying levels sprinkled throughout the game that offer a much needed break from the usual gameplay. A few flying stages make you fly along a certain path and dodge objects but there are others where you are free to explore a whole area and fly to different portions of it. There is one stage that is made up like a boss fight where you must fly throughout the area and attack crystals to weaken a boss.

Spyro and Cynder can fly at any time by performing a quick triple tap on the A button. You can't die from falling into a pit since the characters will simply take flight whenever they start to fall. Your characters cannot fly just anywhere though, there are some slight boundaries set up for flying. Both characters can only fly to a certain height in some areas to make you engage in some other means of reaching higher areas. Sometimes the two characters are forced to carry weighted objects making it to where they can only fly or jump a short distance in an effort to make you climb along walls and make small jumps to reach a certain spot."

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