TeamXbox: Mirror's Edge Review

TeamXbox writes: "Parkour is a French phenomenon that evolved out of the urban jungle, paying tribute to the parcours du combattant or military obstacle course that was its inspiration. It's become a sport of sorts, as participants run, leap, flip and slide over, around and through city terrain. Reportedly, it was invented as a way to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible, as if there was an emergency or you were being chased.

The latter certainly fits the predicament of Mirror's Edge's heroine, Faith, who is a "runner," normally employed like a bike messenger to carry data from place to place, though without the use of a bicycle to make the trip. Faith uses her own two arms and two legs to navigate the landscape, swiftly running around the town, deftly making leaps between buildings, flipping off wall surfaces to get to higher spots and sliding through ventilation ducts to get the job done."

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