Is Treyarch Call of Duty's Red-headed Stepchild?

Some gamers are passing up what could be the next spectacular Call of Duty experience simply because of prejudice against Treyarch. Is that prejudice justified, or should gamers give Treyarch and World at War a fair chance?

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Gun_Senshi3625d ago

COD5: WaW is bad. Very bad. Its downgrade from COD2.

Stick to your Gears of Wars 2 and Resistance 2 people!

Before you disagree and spawn crap and flaming like you did. Here is proof I have game:

Darkseider3625d ago

Anyway, I got the game and am looking forward to it. Particularly the Nazi Zombie co-op mode. Something about killing a Nazi TWICE seems to be more fun than it should be!

Ghoul3625d ago

gratz on beeing a pirate.... i hate you guys

Gun_Senshi3625d ago

Hurray for people who point fingers without knowing nothing!

tocrazed4you3625d ago

COD 5 is awesome seriously here is my take on it...

Might contain a little spoiler

For anyone that is still on the edge of getting this game trust me this game is great. I have played for about 4 hours into the campaign currently on chapter 4 on german soils. I mean the first three levels were great. Imagine running through a battle field on a beach with tanks and flame thrower with snipers perched in trees shooting at you. The AI is great enemies will attack you from all sides and even run at you with a sword from behind. The graphics are definitely better than COD 4 but the one bad thing about COD WAW is that there is barely any new innovation. Most of the new stuff comes in the MP but as for single player still plays like COD4 but in WW 2. The Audio is great with a lot of good acting. (Mostly thanks to Keifer Sutherland) Honestly guys even though this might be a WW 2 game they did this game so well that it is definitly worth 60 bucks. I would defineitly say right now the single player is a lot better than resistance 2 and I love resistance 2. Hope to see many of you guys on it.

Beast_Master3625d ago

I just bought this game, still in the package. R2 and LBP are taking up most of my time right now. Not a fan of WWII shooters but loved CoD4, so I am hoping this is like COD4. I am not a fan of Tryarch, I am one of the 10 people that bought Quantum of Solice last week.. And I bought Web of Shadows for my little brother for Christmas. So hoping they come through this time. Otherwise I am done with this company!

Sarcasm3625d ago

I have to disagree. COD5 is actually quite better than what I expected.

They took the best parts of COD3, and COD4 and motherf'in added gore to it.

For example, using a sniper rifle. You hit them in the arm, that thing is flying right off.

You shoot them in the head, you'll see chunks fly all over the place and of course they are now decapitated.

The AI is also a bit smarter than previous CODs. You're comrades actually help you kill the enemies and help you advance. WOW! No more relying on just you 100%. It's now more like 75% you have to do the work.

All in all, COD5 deserves a chance and it's a great step up from COD4.

The only thing I can see why people will not want it, is the weapons do feel so old and familiar. Going from COD4's weapons to WWII weapons feel so weak.

Ghoul3625d ago

well well then maybe you cover your tracks next time.

-Your last time played is the 8.11.2009 (game wasnt released nowhere not even at the early seeling stores)
-The earliest date the pirated version was uplaoded is (2008-11-08 00:52:12 ) i done my homework mate.
-You have a hell a alot of current games in that list.
-Your the first in a long time that screenshots the game instead a photo of the case and cd.

then make a photo of your case and cd i shut up asap.

Gun_Senshi3624d ago

Keep spamming crap.

Yes I did download. Why? I couldn't wait.

Also I download for another reason. TO TRY OUT. Most Demos do not show you the game properly. I download and try them. If I love them I will buy (Normally on PS3 because its pretty playing on sofa).

Good thing I did this way. I was going to buy Resistance 2 and COD5. Instead I will buy Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet. I already pre ordered R2 from and already bought LBP its on the way.

Where I live there is no video game rentals or big video game shops to trade in. If there was I would just rent as it more easy and hassel free but I do not have the privilage.

Ghoul3624d ago


hahah that is so hilarious cought you right there. Btw i hate those cheap excuses "try out" you pirated the games on your pc, end of story.

BattleAxe3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I've seen plenty of screenshots and videos to know that this will be a nice looking game.

As for Treyarch, they made CoD2 for the PS2, and it was alot better then CoD: Finest Hour(PS2) by Spark. CoD3 was a really good WW2 game and my personal favorite. The problem wasn't that Treyarch didn't do a good job on the game, its that they did't advance the WW2 gener. It was the same kind of mission structure that we were used to seeing in previous WW2 games.

AAACE53624d ago

I was one of those individuals who said I would pass on World at War... But after playing the demo, and getting my other friends to play the demo, and having everyone change their mind about the game and going out to buy it... I think my opinion has changed!

It is a good game! At least rent it!

Gun_Senshi3624d ago

I did try it out. In fact I am going to buy for PS3 now to play online with friends.

Let me explain why I hated it before.

First Level is fine, some graphical glitches and fine.
Second level is too repetitive and annoying.
Third level Treyarch tries to copy the Sniper level from COD4 exactly the same, this reall put me off. (This is where I stopped)

4th Level game start becoming good and the levels after it it keeps getting better and better. I love the russian levels specifically.

See you online on PSN idiot that flame without ever knowing anything

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cain1413625d ago

I just now got the game. Hopefully it's fun...

cain1413625d ago


This game is glitchy beyond belief. I'm trapped in a stone...

ihaten4glol3625d ago

Wow, already arguing and stuff in the comments. =/

Anyway, I've been wanting to try this for a while. Hopefully I can get a copy soon.

Rich16313625d ago

I have read 3 reviews so far that all say that World at War is great, so I don't know what the haters are smoking.

crimsonfox3625d ago

there smoking straight crack out there moms pipe especially this first guy who thinks everyone cares for his negative comments anyways i know the multiplayer is kickass and since thats what you'll spend most time thats what should really matter

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