DailyGame: Aliens: Colonial Marines Has to Rock: Pt. 1

DailyGame writes: "Let me disclose that I know a handful of developers at Gearbox Software and chat with them on a semi-regular basis. Last month I floated with them the idea of getting exclusive tidbits or screenshots on their upcoming game Aliens: Colonial Marines, but that would essentially make this a preview, and I'm a columnist, not a journalist, so I don't do previews.

Let me also disclose that that I am pulling for Gearbox to deliver us an amazing game that honors me as a semi-hardcore Aliens fanboy. I've only seen Aliens about three dozen times on video or DVD, and only about five times in campus theatres or wherever it was playing years after its original release. I'm told the true fanboy threshold starts at about 100 viewings with at least 10 of them theatrical, as well as mandatory ownership of the Colonial Marine Technical Manual (CMTM). I don't own the CMTM, but I did once read through most of it during an extended break from an all-night, enchilada-infused Carmageddon sloshathon in the late 90s."

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