UGO: Mirror's Edge Review

UGO writes: "Utopia always seems like a great idea until you realize that it's actually being run by a freedom-hating Establishment who wants you to be content only as long as it doesn't interfere with their plans. It doesn't even matter what those plans are, especially since the folks in charge aren't talking. Just make a point of not getting in the way.

The city constructed by EA's Digital Illusions CE studio for Mirror's Edge is just such a false utopia. It is a place where information is suppressed or at least heavily censored at every opportunity. An underground exists in the city's upper reaches of all places. Here, nimble couriers fearlessly run, leap and dive between skyscraper rooftops to get from A to B with C still in hand. They do this because in the world of Mirror's Edge, everybody is trying to shoot the messenger."

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chaosatom3689d ago

i will rent this for sure.