The Last Remnant Xbox 360 price cut to $39.99

A retailer this week price cut Square Enix Co.'s The Last Remnant to under $40 in the latest round of video game price cuts.

The retailer is selling advanced orders for the title at $39.99, 33 percent off the $59.99 MSRP.

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Le-mo3661d ago

Wow, that's a fantastic deal. I hope they do the same with the PS3 version.

DiabloRising3661d ago

This doesn't instill me with much hope. The videos on Kotaku showed massive slowdown, texture popin and even model loading. And this was the 360 edition! I fear what the PS3 edition will look like, a U3 engine game...

Liquid Dust3661d ago

aside from the massive slow down and pop in, the battle system seemed overly confusing with the multiple battle groups and all. I dont think this game is classified as a srpg is it? Im just not impressed with it, during the exploring video on Kotaku the area was very flat and sparse in terms of landscape.

Bring on a real rpg's like WKC for us PS3 folk and Star Ocean for 360.

Harry1903661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

This is a proof of how half assed the game will be. When they know they will have difficulty selling the game in a particular region, Japanese game prices tend to drop quickly.

Now, games that are not half-assed and sell for cheap:

DMC4 *Price dropped
Pro Evo 09 * Lower Price for NA
Lost Planet Colonies * Price dropped

But this game is made by Cavia and it is bound to be bad.

OOOOPSSS, This is only for one retailer, I should read more carefully.

Homicide3661d ago

Square aren't as great as they used to be. The Last Remnant got a 7 from OXM. You need bubbles.

Harry1903661d ago

a perma ban does to your bubbles unfortunately. Nah, thank you, but I can survive with 2.

Don't get me wrong, I love JRPGs and I think I have played quite a lot of them, but this one seems to stink from far away.

Cheeseknight283661d ago

With all of the other AAA games out for PS3/360 this holiday, of course they're going to drop the price on this to make it stand out more. Just like Rare did with Banjo and VP2. Banjo's sales probably won't be too hot, but I really think the drop helped VP2 tremendously.

Lower price point does not automatically mean bad either... just look at the aforementioned VP2, or Katamari Damacy.

Magnus3661d ago

Usually companies drop a price on a game after it has been on the market for a while but this? With this new i think I'll just rent the game before I buy it now.

The gaming GOD3661d ago

This is just the way all the xbox fans kept saying Valkyria was selling poorly (which it isn't) when Amazon dropped the price from 59.99 to 49.99.

This one MIGHT be promotional just like Valkyria. I say that because in BOTH cases, only ONE store and/or site were doing such a sale.

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