Gamer 2.0: Resistance 2 Review

Gamer 2.0 writes: "Proving their name true, Insomniac managed to get the sequel to their first PS3 game out just in time for the holiday season. Resistance 2 looks to kick every aspect of the game up a notch and give PS3 owners more to do with their newest Insomniac game. Does R2 stack up to the highly-competitive competition in the first-person shooter genre?

Resistance 2 picks off right where the Fall of Man ended, with Nathan Hale stumbling through a snow-filled area as he's picked up by these strange soldiers that he soon finds out are members of the Special Research Project Administration, or SRPA for short. They employ many others like Nathan that have survived the Chimeran infection and have gained special powers like him in a special task force called The Sentinels. The Chimerans have spread their grasp of the globe since they last saw Nathan, as they are now setting their sights on the last remaining bases in Iceland and North America to finish off the last remaining human armed forces. Though the story's presentation isn't as heavy-handed as it was in Fall of Man, the story here is fairly interesting and those that want more of the background and story can collect the intel hidden throughout the single-player and co-op campaigns. Just don't play R2 if you hope for a bright and cheerful story and ending."

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she00win993625d ago

this game is very underated?

Pennywise3625d ago

Very. It has taken most of my time since release. Great game with plenty of different things to do.

GrandTheftZamboni3625d ago

Very captivating. I felt like playing Doom for the first time.

AngryHippo3625d ago

...this game should get at least a 9. I will not be getting put off from getting this title, i loved the first one and this improves upon it greatly. Therefore its a must buy. I cant wait to fight the leviathan. Just sucks UK residents have to wait until the end of the month to pick up this great title.

she00win993625d ago

i think you will be a little disappointed, because for me, it's not as epic as i though it would be..