Three direct feed Killzone 2 beta gameplay videos

Following on from our onslaught of shaky camera U.S Killzone 2 beta footage this past week, we've managed to nab three all-new videos from the on-going event via a direct feed source, providing enhanced visual and audio quality.

Viewers will now be able to discern the subtle ambiences of the Helgan city or the clatter of bullets fired from a high-powered rifle. The second video also offers a better insight into the superb texture quality of both the environments and character models used in the game.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3625d ago

Looks very nice, and animation looks great as ever.

i am the truth3625d ago

Im beta and i can tell u it looks much better than what ur seeing here.

Liquid Dust3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

The game looks fantastic, I will be picking it up day one, enjoyed the first one, Im all in, but I just know its going to get slammed by certain sights (ahem Gamedaily) about the lack of color variation and they will probably go on again about the "red explosion drums stick out like a sore thumb among grey environments" rant. I know explosions and some of the lighting gives some variety, what do you think "i am the truth"? Visuals are stunning no doubt, but does it need something more to spice it up do you think?

Max Power3625d ago

if sites have complained about the exploding barrels is Call of Duty 4?

Megaton3625d ago

PSU really doesn't give a flying [email protected]$% about the NDA huh? They've been reported several times on the beta forums.

Pennywise3625d ago

Do you mind? I know I dont. I love watching footage from this game!!!

i am the truth3625d ago

I personaly dont let reviews get in my way of games.If they want to say it dose not have colours then thats there business.Im in the beta and i love the dark and grimey look,I dont care what any body says about the game, i have played the beta and i love what i have played and im buying it day 1.If they want to look for something bad to say about the game then they are sad. "REVIEWS ARE JUST SOMEONES OPINION"

Jpinter3625d ago

According to the email I just received from Sony, hands on previews and the rest of the NDA lifts tomorrow. These are just videos found on youtube, gametrailers, etc.

SSCOOLCHEA3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

is sony website .Thats where I got my beta code from so why should they get in trouble . im in the beta and everything about this game rocks . You cant get the haters to buy this game anyways so why argue . but for those that are buying it will have one hell of a game . peace ....for those in the beta i be on

psn ":: sscoolchea

Megaton3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

@ 2.4

The official PSU is PlayStation Underground. This NDA-breaking, PSU knockoff is PlayStation Universe, and has nothing to do with Sony.

I personally don't care, seeing as how I can play the beta myself whenever I want, but if you're lucky enough to get in with the rest of us, be so kind as to follow the NDA you agree to when you download it.

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Ve3tro3625d ago

Wow, PSU love's stealing other sites content.

Jpinter3625d ago

I wasn't aware that the videos were from your site. I found them on Youtube. I've posted a source link on the PSU article to Ve3tro for you.

joydestroy3625d ago

someone had to put 'em up since you didn't get around to fixing your broken links dude. i don't care who puts them up, i just wanna see gameplay since i can't be a part of the beta unfortunately. this game will be the best game in '09, guaranteed.

gdguide3625d ago

Man, I feel for ya. PSU is becoming a blood sucking site that can't nab anything on their own. At least give your site credit. Those jerks took credit for it... Not cool. :/

Marceles3625d ago

The crazy thing is the game looks way more attractive in person, visually and gameplay wise. The action in the videos is nothing compared to what you'll see in a real server with 32's seriously unbelievable and addictive

wil4hire3625d ago

as if you dont want anyone stealing it... or that you want the credit for it..

I mean, any jackass can start a gaming website. This just adds to the laughable idea of any actual "journalism" or professional work ethic. Don't worry, the more and more talentless hacks start websites, the more saturated it will become, and soon it will start to fall apart. People will start wondering why they are bothering with what a 15 year old thinks, and start looking for more reputable sources for information and news.

FantasyStar3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Ve3tro took too long to fix the links. Someone else was bound to have the goods, and well...PSU delivered. I won't argue that the footage was taken, but this is what happens when you don't fix your problems quick enough.

Ve3tro3624d ago

With the video's not working, that would be due to the bandwidth from the video host, at the time of them going down it was like 4am in the morning and with my current internet speed it would of taken roughly 3-4 hours to re-upload the files.

With PSU taking the video's, I have no problem them taking them as long as they give credit and ask first.

If they start to do this with other website's problems will occur and they will start to get a bad reputation.

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remanutd553625d ago

just got my beta code , i seriously believe guerrilla games WILL redeem themselves.

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