Planet Xbox 360: Dead Space Review

The creature design is solid. Even if they are all really just blood-stained cousins, they each have unique attacks and quirks to watch for. Some of the more robust enemies even spew smaller creatures, which either scurry towards you or fire projectiles. The simple neon-blue line that pops up, by clicking the right-stick, to point you toward your current objective is a nice touch that keeps you from getting lost in the twisty corridors. Dead Space is essentially your opportunity to play through a sci-fi horror flick; which is just about every gamer's fantasy. It is a near-perfect package for those looking for to get their survival horror fix.

Gameplay: 8.5
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9.5
Controls: 8.5
Replay: 7

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pp3624d ago

Is their multi-player in Dead Space if not forget it i'm not wasting money. All games should have multi-player.

Pennywise3624d ago

And all people should use their brains, but they dont do they, pp?

absolutecarnage3624d ago

Practice what you preach then talk !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr_Bun3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Hey Penny...sounds like you have a fan!


Are you actually defending pp?

Pennywise3624d ago

Most of my comments have substance and if I complain or say something of merit, I try to give the goons reasons.

Dont hide behind a fake account to bash me you coward. pp is an idiot and I guess you are his butt buddy.

absolutecarnage3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

No I 'm not defending PP , BUT I don't really post that often but people like him, write SOME, but not ALL but some stupid comments as well , I 've read some of the posts he writes, and i just shake my head

Pennywise3624d ago

I just read this post and it is obvious you are typing with your elbows. It makes no sense. Are you talking about pp or me, Richard Gobbler?

pp3624d ago

Stop bickering the pair of you if you want to waist money on a game without multi-player you need your head examining.

Pennywise3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

pp, I dont buy single player games... I rent them. Only way I will buy a game is if it has multiplayer. But I disagree with every game needing multiplayer.

@ absolute below: I dont care what you think! Most of the people on this site make me be a douche. I apologize and probably shouldnt even comment when I am hungry. I do tend to be brash, but dont attack me when I am after pp. He is always saying something stupid and I just cant help myself.

absolutecarnage3624d ago

Wow Penny wise, your statements just prove how much of a douche bag you are, i even said that ALL your comments weren't stupid but i guess I 'll take back my comment on that. By the way your comments have substance hahahahahahhahaha coming from from somebody have has to insult somebody like a little kid "calling me PP's butt buddy, your the man cool guy keep reaching for those stars. And for last but not least a fake account dude wow you spend way to much time on here because i know i don't, i come on here once and a while to read up on gaming news. Unlike you that lick your lips in the morning and run to your computer so you can be a complete and utter douchebag on a Fuking gaming site.