Mexican Piracy Raid Seizes Over 90,000 Copied Games

A raid conducted by law enforcement officials in Mexico's San Juan de Dios Market seized over 20 tons of contraband, including video games and video game accessories.

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Sarah Palin3354d ago

if they only put that much effort into seizing other things that seem to make their way to the drugs, guns, people----you know just start with the basics.

i am the truth3354d ago

That will not stop piracy.Piracy is here to stay no matter how many raids they are.They are drug raids every day but that dose not stop drugs from making it into the street market.

Sarah Palin3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

has a 7 million dollar budget, to tackle a 70 billion dollar problem(and thats just drugs, alone).
Piracy will never stop, but there are more important things they could spend "raid" money on, than some damn illegal videogames, lol. Games may be just what they need. It would improve their children's quality of life---so maybe when they turn 12, they wont want to sneak over here to play them.