WorthPlaying Review - 'Age of Booty'

WorthPlaying: "Why is it that we continue to be taken by the allure of pirates? These high seas criminals, whose morals were loose and education didn't extend beyond the best way to hoist a sail, continue to serve as a romantic attachment to days gone by. Maybe we adore their carefree lifestyle, wishing we could cast off our daily responsibilities and sail the high seas looking for ships to plunder, or perhaps we just really like the idea of shooting cannons and stabbing people with swords. In either case, Age of Booty has arrived on Xbox Live Arcade, and while the multiplayer portion of this title may shiver your timbers, the single-player experience may as well walk the plank.

Age of Booty is a simple strategy title, one which trades out complex resource management and unit creation for simple point-and-click gameplay and minimal clutter. You and your team of scalawags face off against other pirate factions for control over towns and their resources. The game utilizes gold, wood and rum as its lifeblood, and collecting these items allows you to upgrade your ships and towns. Gather enough gold and wood, and you can upgrade a captured town with thicker walls and more cannons so that it can withstand an enemy assault. Track down enough wood and rum, and you can upgrade your ship's speed, armor or cannons."

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