Broken Fallout 3 Dojo: Fallout 3 Still Broken writes: "Been sitting on this for a few days, just in case Bethesda managed to get their act together since Fahey's post, but the number of users affected and time that's passed is getting a little much. Seems Fallout 3 is still broken. It's broken on PS3, it's broken on 360, it's especially broken on PC. The console versions are still crashing and freezing and corrupting in various spots, while the PC version...well, where do we start.

OK, let's start with my copy."

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Darkseider3656d ago

FAILED w/ Fallout 3. The game released with huge hype only to be one of the most unstable and bug ridden POS this generation has seen on ALL platforms. Bethesda then has the balls to say they might patch it if they get enough complaints (paraphrasing). In any case they hosed this one bad and it will leave a mark on many gamers when it comes to buying any future releases from them. I have both the PS3 and PC version of the game and cannot even describe the frustration I have been going through.

Nineball21123656d ago

And I probably still will, but I guess I ought to wait until it's patched and/or they add trophies.

*sigh* This looks like such a good game too.

UnwanteDreamz3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I have the PS3 version with over 30 hours logged in. I have seen some frame rate drop and a few places where you can get stuck but nothing at all that would make me think it was a POS. For the size of this game and the amount of freedom it gives you I feel this game can't be matched right now. It's a straight up 9 out of 10 for me. I put dead space down with only 3 acts left to complete when I got Fallout and I havent picked it up again. I'm just having too much fun.

rucky3656d ago

It's still does not affect my enjoyment playing the game. Seriously some people are too excited in nitpicking on little things but when it comes down to it, the real value of a game is the overall experience you had while playing it. It's an awesome game so don't get strung up on exaggerated news like this.

wallace10003656d ago

I also have 30+ hours of Fallout 3 gameplay on the 360 and it has only frozen once and that was on a load so no big deal and i have found 2 places that i can jump into and get stuck but i like to save lots so it was no big deal. This game is awesome, i have explored about 60% of the map and no major problems for me.

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Darkseider3656d ago

If review houses like IGN, Gamepro, etc... got some kind of monetary kick back or promised advertising dollars if they reviewed the game and scored it high. Not for nothing but if any reviewer played through this game they would have been frustrated to all hell and pointed it out in the review.

UnwanteDreamz3656d ago

I have not been frustrated once unless you count wandering too close to the city early on and getting my a$$ handed to me by super mutants.

I am sorry to hear you have had that many problems, cause this game is great. I was hoping people would have a good time with it.

wallace10003656d ago

Holy conspiracy theory batman. Everyone isn't having these problems and the game is fantastic. I have only played the game on the 360 though, i have no idea how the PS3 and PC versions are fairing for the masses.

Allowen3656d ago

I still don't have my copy of Fallout3 but I can say about the bad work that Bethesda did on the CD of Oblivion GoTY edition.
it is impossible to finish this game.

Oblivion GotY edition have many bugs like :

-When doing an occasional quick saving the game freezes and got to hard reset my PS3.
-Some quests are way too bugged that can't be completed like the "Cure for Vampirism"
-Some times a SAVE file stops to work, it gets tottally corrupted and also can happen to a quick out save file as well.
-Quite a few minor bugs in Shivering Isles expansion.

Ok, now where is a patch for this game ?? I also have the original blu ray disc Oblivion and I could play it many ,many times without much trobble but this other cd Oblivion goTY is way too much bugged.


Now with some major Fallout3 bugs + Oblivion GoTY s buggs people will not be confortable to buy future Bethesda's games.

I am starting to think that we can't trust Bethesda in terms of gettign support, unless you are playing a computer game because for that they give major priority to fix stuff.