Fragland: Dead Space PS3 Review

Fragland: "In the end, EA proves that they can easily compete in the survival horror genre and in some aspect they have mildly reinvented the genre. I think Dead Space could turn out to become a new successful franchise, offering enough quality to even compete against Resident Evil 5. I must say, Resident Evil 4 is a bit better than Dead Space, but EA did a fine job in bringing a fair amount of gore and scary moments. I personally found Dead Space a lot scarier than Resident Evil 4, and of course that's a great compliment. Dead Space combines the sci-fi environments of Metroid Prime with the horror of famous alien movies and some of the gameplay of Resident Evil 4 without the camp of Capcom's survival-horror classic. Maybe it's no classic, but I do recommend it."

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Harry1903686d ago

the current N4G meta score of this game. But I do agree with the average user score. I love this game.