Fast-Track to Fanaticism

It wasn't always this complicated.

Being an eager, fresh-faced fan of videogaming during the birth pangs of the industry didn't carry any particular connotations of fanaticism. People who liked Pac-Man just played it in the arcades until their pockets were empty. Likewise, home computer owners who found themselves enjoying the antics of Monty Mole or Sabreman simply made sure they owned the latest installment of their adventures. At most they may have chopped a poster out of a magazine to cover a bare patch on the bedroom wall, or written a letter to Ultimate to beg some free stuff. Dizzy had his own collectible cards and a mug, but that was something of an exception. These early attempts at merchandising were closer to a mail-order sideline than a genuine business operation.

In the 1990s, all that changed.

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JayTee09023689d ago

I feel like I've gotten more casual over time. I think fanboyism is stuck to mostly teens. As you hit your 20s you just don't have the time to get obsessed with any one system and you can usually afford more than one so all you care about are good games.

Simon_Brezhnev3688d ago

Yeah i agree since i got older i dont play games all the time the longest i can play a game sitting down is like 1 hour den i have 2 go do something else

Gue13688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

i like how you guys are saying that don't have time to play games but are here commenting.

i'm 22 years old, i study and work and still have time to come here to leave comments and play games so i don't know what kind of crazy life are two living... even beyonce has time to play her xbox. lol

the only thing that is too time consuming are girls. when you don't have girlfriend you have like a lot of free time.