630° Microsoft Bans More Live Modders writes: We're getting reports that the Microsoft Ban Hammer has crashed down again, this time targeting Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty 5 pirates.

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Damphear3683d ago

so glad i have a ps3 where i dont have to wurry about this crap.

oh and it doesnt matter if people steal games they still get paid.

dont buy the bs of them losing money. they dont get paid after the game is made they get paid during


Lifendz3683d ago

Getting banned is their own fault.

Damphear3681d ago

you dont buy a stolen game you down load it on line and burn it or put in on a hdd.

what kind of person are you to buy a stolen game?

thats worse than downloading it.

and they demand you NEVER play on line with a stolen game

IdleLeeSiuLung3683d ago

Ban their asse$!!! They are just leechers anyhow making games more expensive for all of us (or lessening the profits for the publisher/developer, whichever)....

Bangladesh3683d ago

After the modding pandemic that was Halo 2, I say ban them and have them hunted down and beaten.

pandabear3684d ago

Well thats the chance they took and as Micosoft or games developmers aren't getting any money from them - then they are no loss to MS.

Personally I haven't had a modded console since the PS1 days - If I had modded my console then I wouldn't have got my RROD fixed and a brand new 12 month warrany for a 2 year old system.

kevnb3684d ago

but if you can mod a 360, you can fix rrod... its not really that hard.

Fishy Fingers3684d ago

LOL.... they're taking modified consoles online. The majority of people who pirate their game are smart enough to know that's a no-no.

acheashadow3684d ago

I 100% agree with you but people can actually 'Stealth' the firmware which means xbox servers think there real games - microsoft will know about this tho and will come up with a solution

kevnb3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

no they wont, but these people are playing reviewers copies... they were also not stealth patching the game (thus not making the game an exact copy).
@ Fishy Fingers, what are you trying to say? They got banned from playing online, not using their xbox 360... so if they can't play online they may as well be banned from xbox live.

Altis13684d ago

You do realize that publishers have records of people of who actually have review copies .... gamertag included.

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The story is too old to be commented.