Gamespot: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Review

Naruto Uzumaki is a colorful ninja who excels in combat but can be kind of annoying. It's therefore fitting (if unfortunate) that while Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is a great fighting game, it's also one in which you have to endure a lengthy, story-driven Ultimate Mission mode in order to unlock most of the playable combatants. Ultimate Ninja Storm does a lot of things very well, but exploration, item collection, and storytelling are not among them.

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sinncross3660d ago

Wow 7.5?

Not a bad score but I was expecting something a little better.

Though I don't understand why the lack of online play is such a problem. It could be patched in at a later stage but I don't believe we're at a stage in gaming where online play is the norm, especially in fighters... there are hardly any which run without problems and Naruto could be hellishly difficult to play with even slight lag.

And 4gb install a problem? I can see mandatory installs being a problem but seriously, CyberConnect2's first PS3 title.. they're using the install to help the game run... with more experience they'll be able to be like Insomniac and not have an install but a small cache of 350mb for the entire game.

I don't know.. it really sound like Gamespot are nitpicking here, which is sad really.

Majin Uchiha3660d ago

no it just sounds like your a fanboy, this was a pretty good on point review, 7.5 seems to be the score this game gets on average

lociefer3660d ago

sorry but he dosent sound like a fanboy and i really think gamespot is nitpicking like hell , in the matter of fact i think your the fanboy and wishing this game would come to 360

Lifendz3660d ago

for a game like this. No one would expect it to be AA. It looks like the cartoon....I mean just like the cartoon....and if you're a Naruto fan you were going to cop it anyway.

Harry1903660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

has a great box art. To see Neiji's 64- hit combo in full 3d motion is quite impressive.

Now, next year, when they make Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, we will get the Shipudden characters since this one ends where the series ends.

Coolmanrico3660d ago

Gamespot have never given a Naruto Game over a 7.5

drdre743660d ago

I have the game and its better than a 7.5. I enjoy the anime and this game is dead on. The final battle with Garra was beautiful. I wanted to replay that part over it looked o good. The reviewer was looking for any thing and every thing to complain about in this review. the game is a 9 to me and any real Naruto fan would have to agree.

OGharryjoysticks3660d ago

The game looks and plays better than any other anime game I've played so I would actually agree with your score of 9. Good job :)