Adhoc Party (Tunneling) Details

PSP World explains how the Adhoc Party online service works, and how users from outside of Japan can tunnel their PSP games using an internet-connected PS3.

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clinker3658d ago

Voice chat + no lag = win!

Darkseider3657d ago

is just plain cool. Monster Hunter on my PSP AND Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii? Damn I will be in heaven.

clinker3657d ago

Monster Hunter Wii is going to rule so hard. I just hope that it has good online.

sinncross3657d ago

While this feature is cool, I wonder why SOny just didn't allow remote play to be used in such a way that PSP users could take their PSP online via the PS3's internet connection.

Regardless, the voice chat is a nice option indeed and this definitely adds to the PSP/ PS3 relationship. All it needs is more games and it'll be a cracking service.

In fact, this could be a good time to get older games to be played again, for instance MGS:PO+ which is seeing some decline, could easily be resurrected with this feature.

Nikkelz3657d ago

i think you could do that already if im not mistaken.....i sometimes browse the web while in remote play mode thru my psp