Little sister is watching: Ars reviews Mirror's Edge

Your concrete heart isn't beating

Mirror's Edge
Developer: DICE
Publisher: EA
Platform: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PS3, PC
Price: $59.99 (Shop.Ars)
Rating: Teen

Most video games can safely be filed under male wish fulfillment. Some part of us always wants to have the biggest gun, to be the best at the martial arts, and to be able to solve any problem with brute force. Heck, even sports games fall under this category; who doesn't want to share in the glory of winning the Super Bowl?

Faith, from Mirror's Edge, is a different beast all together. She's adept at hand-to-hand fighting, but each opponent you encounter in the game is a serious threat. The best strategy is almost never to stand and fight, but to run. That's what Faith is, a runner, and this is how she sees the world. Every level is a maze of platforms, jumps, and seemingly impossible feats of speed and coordination; being Faith means never having to worry about traffic or parking or any of the other petty things that infest the lives of the people on the street level.

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