VGR: FIFA Manager 09 Review


"I wouldn't mind so much if the atmosphere of the game wasn't so boring. Just menus after menus with pretty bad background music. Sure you can play your own, but it still doesn't change the fact that I find the game to be incredibly frustrating and dull. There's nothing out of the ordinary with this year's game, and with the improvements made to the Manager mode to FIFA 09, I can't see what the problem is. Why not just rip that part of the game out, slap it on a DVD and sell it? I and many others would have had much more fun.

I would go into the rights and wrongs of the game, but there would be just too many wrongs and no rights. Sure it does what it says on the tin, but the tin is a bit rusty and redundant now. It's a game that fans will enjoy, although they should probably stick to the last game as its practically the same, just with a few minor changes to the interface and live substitutions. It lacks anything innovative or original, making it lose more credibility."

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ATraczyk3623d ago

Given that EA has so much money you'd think that they would actually make a nice management game for the most popular sport in the world but no. Firstly the ai for the 3D match just boggles my mind about how dumb they are, defenders have the worse positioning then toddlers (you think I'm kidding but honestly if you played football as a defender like me you'd know), all the other players make incredibly dumb mistakes especially on break away runs (somehow they run in slow zig zags instead of a fast straight sprint, they then decide to turn around to pass to someone behind them?!?!). If your a fan of a league that isn't one of the top ones then the fans just make these weird noises the whole match which get annoying fast. All the stadiums also look the same which wouldn't be bad if you could build them yourself (which is actually rather easy, and unbelievable cheep if you actually build it, $40 million for a 39,000 seat stadium I wish) and just go to the editor and use your saved stadium but you cant do that, i mean who decided that one? Whoever designed this game made your players have the stamina of obese people. Take for instance in real life I remember Steven Gerrard one played 5 games in a week. If any of your players play 2 games in a row then they are out for 3 weeks. O and never tell anyone that your going to rest them, because you may have to rest them for 2 + games and then they get pissed off, in fact my players were always pissed that they didnt play enough even though they couldn't. I've played half a season and haven't scored a single goal from a corner, they literally always go in too close to the keeper. Now the game wont even let me pick my squad anymore and changes it for the match but each time picks the same people so its actually impossible for me to play anymore. The player faces are also horrible they rarely look anything like themselves and ever white person seems to be more Latino then anything, and going back to the lower league thing the likenesses are beyond horrible (take for instance look at Ariel Borysiuk, just when you have some time look at the difference). I really needed to say that before anyone who likes football management games buys/downloads the game it isn't worth the money/time. And thanks for someone actually doing a real review about this game.