Bethesda Censors Fallout 3 For Japan

Kotaku writes:
Developer Bethesda has made changes to the Japanese Fallout 3. The side-quest The Power of the Atom has been changed. Non-playable-character Mr. Burke has been taken out of this side-quest, removing the option of detonating the nuclear bomb. That's not all, the name of a weapon was changed as it was deemed "inappropriate" for Japan. Smart money says the weapon is mini-nuke launcher "Fat Man" for obvious reasons. The online reaction from the Japanese users seems to be largely disappointment to these edits. Fallout 3 goes on sale in Japan this December.

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badz1493687d ago

Fallout 3 or should I say the devs at bathesda are a bunch of ignorance douche! there are a lot of other possible names but yet they chose to name it as 'Fat Man'! they knew that a nuke with similar name is the black mark in the history of science and human kind but yet they thought that it will be fun naming it like that! STUPID!

ASSASSYN 36o3687d ago

"The online reaction from the Japanese users seems to be largely disappointment to these edits." You do realize the issue to many japanese is not as serious as you attempt to make it. Nobody but you apparently likes censorship.

timmyrulz3687d ago

What have they done again, changed Megaton to hiroshima?????

Charmers3687d ago

Indeed it was fun naming the weapon fat man, perhaps they should have renamed it the "fluffy bunny wunny gun". This game is about the aftermath of a Nuclear Holocaust and tying the Nuke gun into the naming conventions of the 40/50's seems appropriate to me. I thought the name fitted the gun and I see no reason why they should change it.

It is a shame that the Japanese will not be able to experience everything that fallout 3 has to offer. To me one of the key elements of this game is the nuking of megaton city and whether you should do it or not. You are not FORCED to nuke Megaton it is a decision that the game player has to make and dealing with the implications from that decision is a key part of the game.