Game Boyz: SingStar Country Review

Game Boyz writes: "I have never been a big country music fan, yet I did go through a period in my early twenties when all I did on the weekends was go to country bars with the boys and do some 2-stepin' with the ladies. There was nothing like strapping on my cowboy boots, putting on a cowboy hat and doing the boot scootin' boogie all night long on the dance floor. Yes, those were the days.

Country music has been a force in the music industry for decades, so it comes as no surprise that the SingStar franchise now has a country edition for the PlayStation 2. Having recently reviewed SingStar Country's set list, I was actually looking forward to reviewing the game as many of tunes bring me back to the 'good old days'. After some playtime with the game, many of the issues from previous SingStar games are back, however the game has certainly given me a hankering for putting on some blue jeans, drinking some Bud and doing the 'Chattahoochee'."

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