And The Five Best-Selling Games In The WORLD Are...

Kotaku: One of the most feel-good stories of the year has got to be the unholy alliance between NPD/GfK/Enterbrain, that lets us see - every three months, at least - what the biggest-selling games are not in the US, Europe or Japan, but in the world. Last time we checked, the best-seller was GTA IV. This time around, for the quarter running from July-September? It's Madden. Madden, followed by daylight.

1. Madden 09 - 2.994 million
2. Wii Fit - 2.089 million
3. Force Unleashed - 1.738 million
4. Pokemon Platinum - 1.482 million
5. Mario Kart Wii - 1.468 million

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PoSTedUP3656d ago

1. Mario (NES)
2. Poke'mon (gameboy)
3. The Sims (PC)
4. Final Fantasy VII
5. Grand Theft Auto III (the best gta game to date! : P)

by the way my Gran Turismo made top 10! what! i still got my day one copy still working perfectly. damn i need to put that thing in a show case.

InMyOpinion3656d ago

At least read the story description before you say stupid things.

"This time around, for the quarter running from July-September"

Danja3656d ago

Vice City is also my fave GTA game..

PoSTedUP3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

lol, i did read the article man and i know what it was talking about, i posted the REAL top five selling games in the world lol ok, is that ok with you? and my list is the truth btw.

i played sanandreas too, i like the mafia sh*t better, that sh*t was gangsta,,,, literally!

ReBurn3656d ago

Your list is questionable, my friend. Where are games like Tetris and Wii Sports?

SCThor3656d ago

San Andreas gameplay is WAY better.

Shane Kim3656d ago

Your list fails, Super Mario 3 is the top selling mario title. GTA Vice City is the most sold GTA game, not GTA 3 and GT3 (or 4, im not sure) is not even on your list since it's like the 4th or 5th most selling game of all time.

Montrealien3656d ago

Interstig list, where is WoW? This thursday might be a landmark day for Videogames sales and I predit 8 million in a month.

Bob Dole3656d ago

Ugh, f(_)ck wow. There he said it.

PoSTedUP3656d ago

yes my list DID fail lol, my bad, i posted the top 5 selling FRANCHISES, i apologize. i am a failure (-_-)

3655d ago
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buy a ps33656d ago

wii fit is on their :(
and games like gta 4 gear2 LPB and R2 are not :(

Foxgod3656d ago

thats because the games you mentioned where not released in the quarter these numbers are from.

In the quarter that this topic is about, mostly bad games where released.

Le-mo3656d ago

Don't people read anymore? The sale figures are from the quarter running from July to September. Stop complaining about Gears 2, R2, LBP and etc not being on the list.

UnwanteDreamz3656d ago

1. Madden 09 - 2.994 million
2. Wii Fit - 2.089 million
3. Force Unleashed - 1.738 million
4. Pokemon Platinum - 1.482 million
5. Mario Kart Wii - 1.468 million

This list made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

BWS19823656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Wii Fit is a piece of ****, it has paramount factual information wrong. I can't stand that thing, I didn't buy it, but heard the demo in the store, listened to it. I am a bodybuilder/nutrition fan/guru/whatever and according to Wii Fit and BMI, The Rock, Vin Diesel, John Cena, and most muscular people (including every lean pro athlete) in there are "labeled" fat. BMI is one of the Wii's main references for progress for users, and it's beyond ignorant to use BMI for a progress device. Ask anybody who knows about fitness, BMI takes your height and weight and assumes the ratio is "fat derived". It could be water retention, or a pound of gatorade, or stool, and Wii Fit makes the blanket statement of weight = fat. It's great if Wii Fit helps some people by motivation, but just know it was horribly thought up, and I lost a lot of respect for Nintendo.

3655d ago
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tatotiburon3656d ago

for the next quarter, Gears of War 2 will be the king

RememberThe3573656d ago

I can't think of any game that will come close to what Gears 2 is looking to sell.

Fishy Fingers3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

When does WoW - Wrath of the Lich King release? That's expected to shift over 5 million in the first month.

Disagree? Not my estimate: Or do PC games not count?

Danja3656d ago

Gears be a huge seller..could even approach Halo 3 figures when it's all said and done..

ParanoidMonkey3656d ago

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King will give Gears some stiff competition.

Billabong3656d ago

Burning Crusade sold close to 2.4 million copies on its first day, and with more people playing WoW now then there was when BC was released the sales for WotLK will probably be higher... heck if there really is 11 million people playing it wouldn't you expect it to reach that much in the first few weeks?

SL1M DADDY3656d ago

It's a perfect storm of sorts. You have a great game getting good reviews and a lull in games coming out on the 360. I know, there are some decent titles but in the way of AAA titles, Gears really has little competition on the 360 at the moment making it a great time for release. It just makes sense that it will sell well. If I remember correctly, it was the same when the first Gears released. Little to no competition on the 360 making for great sales of a great game.

kesvalk3656d ago

pirates vs ninja dogdeball will be king!!!!

Diamondwolf3656d ago

Even though I haven't touched it in a long, long, long time, it's still a machine and has grown to be a behemoth of a money printer.

I think next quarter is looking like this. (Oct-December)

1. WoW
2. Gears 2
3. Fallout 3
4. LBP
5. Resistance 2

Honorable Mention: Wii Music! (oh c'mon, I had to!)

I think LBP is going to really pick up come end of November through Christmas

kevnb3656d ago

I agree, except that reviews have very minimal effect on sales. If they gave Gears 2 a bad score fans would just go crazy and stop visiting whichever website...

Montrealien3656d ago

(for the next quarter, Gears of War 2 will be the king )

nope, love it or hate it, Wrath of the lich king will be...umm, king!

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jtucker783656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )


There is proof right here that sales does not equal good games.

Next time there is an argument between FBoys talking sales numbers and trying to say that:
Monster sales = Great game: then point them to this list.

Okami Wii - low sales - great game

Wii Fit - Loads of sales - crap game.

Mario Kart Wii - Loads of sales - Not a bad game, but not brilliant. I won't disrespect it as I know lots of people enjoy it, but it certainly is great. Lots of way better games released this year.

And Force Unleashed just proves that if you stick the name Star Wars on the packet ... then it will sell.

And the same goes for consoles. Monster sales does not equal a good console.

razorbladelight3656d ago

... haven't played wii fit, but I know people (gamer and not) enjoy it. You're the first person who I assume has played it or else you wouldn't be judging it, to say that it was crap. The only people I know who really hate it r people that haven't played it. I was one of them at one point, but the more people who i asked who ACTUALLY played it all really enjoy it.
I know I was harsh when it came out just because I expected more from NIntendo, but whatever, I still haven't played it despite my friends actually giving me good word of mouth (once again from core gamers and not).

JBaby3433656d ago

Had its flaws but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. The rest... meh.

jtucker783656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I have played Wii Fit, and although it isn't an entirely unpleasant experience I don't rate it highly as a game.
It was fun with a couple of friends for a while (comparing BMIs, playing some of the balance mini games), but it in no way compares to real games like Metroid or Okami.

It's entertainment true but it's a shallow, throw away experience that kills a few hours for a laugh, before you want to sit down and put some real time into a proper game like Zelda or Mario Galaxy.

BlackTar1873656d ago

I use it to stay in shape all my years of video games and mountain dew caught up to me and thankfully wii fit is there to make workign out fun and trackable. So I say leave wii fit alone its the only game ive played since manhunt 2 on the wii okay mario kart i played that 2

BWS19823656d ago

but just so people don't miss it, Wii Fit is crap for many people out there. Take any muscular person, put them on a Wii Fit program, and every pound of muscle beyond "normal" is considered "fat" and needs to go. John Cena or Brian Urlacher or The Rock can step on Wii Fit and it will tell them they're obese and have dozens of pounds of "fat" to lose. If it helps you get in shape, great, but don't trust it to be accurate information. As a bodybuilder, I know better than to step on a scale that tells me 215lbs of ripped muscle is lard from laziness.

BlackTar1873655d ago

Wow thats a good point i guess. Wii fit isnt made for you 300 poounds of pure muscle to get ona nd wii fit it up and in no way is it advertised liek that. Sorry but that comment was fricken retarded so no its crap becasue fully muscled out men cant use it huh. LOL right. How someone can calk something aimed to get people WHO ARE NOT in shape to get this much hate is beyond me LOL. Brian Urlacher sucks and so do the bears

BWS19823655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

reading you donk, look into what I said, then come back with a real comment. I said nothing about how rare 300 lbs of muscle is, let alone that that's what I'm talking about, I said nothing about how good Urlacher is, I said nothing about how good the Bears are. For Gods sake, even Daniel Craig or Jason Statham would be high on the "overweight" side because they are muscular. Hell, a husky guy who is built from working in a warehouse who wants to lose 20 lbs will be lied to by Wii Fit, it won't take into consideration how much lean mass he has. Stop spouting idiocy. ONE SINGLE POUND of anything, be it food, be it water weight, be it your damn shoes, is all lumped into a singular classification as "fat" by the BMI system. Stop rambling with nonsense and try to think for a second on the simple concept at hand. Do you have a basic grasp of fitness? You have no idea what you're babbling about, good luck with that. Come back when you have a clue.

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ZILLA3656d ago


Rhythmattic3656d ago

Not Fair...

Bargin bins not included.

He he...

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