Reviews Liven Up Dead Space Sales - Analyst

Edge writes: "While reviews for Dead Space generated some positive buzz, there's still always a question mark that follows the release of virtually any new, unproven IP.

However, one analyst says that the EA Redwood Shores-developed game has likely exceeded U.S. retailers' and EA's own sales expectations.

In his NPD preview, Jesse Divnich with Electronic Entertainment Design and Research believes the game, released on October 14, sold 470,000 during its opening month in the U.S."

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PistolPumptMonk3662d ago

Dead Space was a solid game, very enjoyable. I highly recommend it to all.

ceedubya93662d ago

Definitely go out and play it if you haven't done so already. One of the best surprises of the year.

Gun_Senshi3661d ago

Sales never mean quality of Games.

Atm top selling is Wiicrap....are they good games? HELL NO

Antan3661d ago

Certainly exeeded my expectations! Fabulous game, one of the highlights of the year, but THE suprise of the year.

InMyOpinion3661d ago

Best and most moody horror game in years. The team behind it deserve all the sales they can get.

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