Only The Games: Far Cry 2 Review: Heart of Ambition

Only The Games: "Overflowing with new ideas and novel notions, Far Cry 2 is hell bent on reinvigorating a genre that has been shoving players along a single path for too long. Those hours, thoroughly steeped in the mindset of the hunt, are unlike any you've experienced. But too penchant with realism, the focus is stretched thin.

A series reborn with a new identity, the shortcomings are impart to the ambition of doing away with the conventional. But neither can it be dismissed that there is a new rulebook being written here, and flawed as it may be, Far Cry 2 is a profoundly daring game."

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El_Colombiano3662d ago

I bet you own an Xbox 360. You guys are anti-innovation.

PrimordialSoupBase3662d ago

I own a lot of systems. I am anti crap. This and Resistance 2 are the weakest "hot" games this year. I appreciate what Ubisoft tried to do, but the game is too flawed for the greatness to break through.