VGChartz: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm review

Torillian from VGChartz writes: "Overall Naruto UNS is a decent game that fans of the series will probably enjoy. Fans of brawler type games may also want to give the title a shot and just ignore all of the story aspects as they aren't explained well enough to mean anything anyway. On the good side, the visuals are exceptional, the brawler's core gameplay is very fun, and the title does a good job at making one feel they are actually playing within the anime's world. On the other end: the adventure mode can be a chore, the game is short, there is no online feature to beat your friends up overseas, and there was an unfortunate lack of explanation in the story. I highly suggest to anyone interested to try the demo online, as this is Naruto UNS at its best, and then just decide if you can slog through a relatively poor adventure mode to unlock all the characters and moves."

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Oh God no, you guys are actually approving VGChartz's scores?!