Variety Reviews Gears of War 2

The hottest market in videogames may be casual players, but hardcore gamers still want their red meat -- and that's exactly what "Gears of War 2" provides. Finely tuned, bombastic and relentlessly violent, this sequel to 2006's bestseller raises the bar in nearly every way, particularly in its creative and highly addictive online gameplay. "Gears 2's" only major shortcoming is a mawkish and cliche-ridden story, but such concerns are unlikely to slow the hordes of young men who will slaughter the original's 5 million-unit sales mark.

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etownone3684d ago

Funny how a couple days ago, Sonyfans were saying Variety is influenced by MS just because they gave ReFOM2 and LBP bad reviews.

Well, here they go giving Gears 2 the second lowest score, just as they did to another highly advertised hyped exclusive 360 game, Too Human.

So much for that conspiracy theory.

DiabloRising3683d ago

I don't see a score listed?

Pennywise3683d ago

What did meta rank this score?

Darkseider3683d ago

is 85 on metacritic. I am wondering if this is something that Variety is doing because they have been called out? After all the other reviews are all 90+ so this late entry of an 85 is not going to drop the meta score at all. Just makes me wonder that's all.

Sony Rep3683d ago

*Fanboy in denial* *Stay away from the cages*

3683d ago
thor3683d ago

Variety just love to be overly critical of things and I don't know why. Look at their review of "The Godfather", regarded by many to be the greatest movie of all time. They gave it 80%, whereas every other publication gave it 100%, and here's an excerpt:

"Overlong at about 175 minutes (played without intermission), and occasionally confusing. While never so placid as to be boring, it is never so gripping as be superior screen drama."

They're full of crap.

DiabloRising3683d ago

Conspiracy is a heavy word. There is certainly bias prevalent in every review outlet however. Be it for monetary reasons or just sheer fanboyism though is up to debate.

Sarcasm3683d ago

etownone is actually right for once.

This throws out the "MS Bias" conspiracy.

The only thing that is confirmed is that they really don't like good games.

If Resistance 2, LBP, or Gears 2 didn't impress them. GOD KNOWS W T F does.

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Fishy Fingers3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Edit: Links working for me now. Problem on my end.

Sony Rep3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Hello flop

*points to 360 in 09*

Xbox Street Gang3683d ago

*waves goodbye to 360 in 09*

crazyluks3683d ago

i wouldnt just log in for this kind of coment but wow. i mean, the had jack ish nice to say about resistance 2. NAADA! although i kinda agree GeOW2 might be that damn good, R2 was just brutalized by them.
BTW, its the overal impresion, not scrore, that really counts variety.

il never visit that site again

Gun_Senshi3683d ago

Variety go back reviewing movies.

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