robLog, episode 1: Critical Thinking and the Chainsaw Gun of Gore's Associate Editor takes a look at Gears of War 2, and why he's lovingly addicted to the game, despite his real-life abhorrence of violence and all things overly-military. This article includes shout outs to some of the best gamer blogs out there, including The Brainy Gamer, who is cited as an influence. The question of "Why Do We Play Games" is filtered through the lens of Gears of War 2 in this thought provoking piece.

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killyourfm3606d ago

LOL - I've never seen death described as "loud" but with Gears, that certainly fits...

CrAppleton3605d ago

*POP* goes the head through the scope of the sniper rifle

Jimmy the Greek3606d ago

i havent played gow 2 and im not sure when i will. i side with you in being strictly nonviolent. at the risk of sounding too generic, this is an incredibly insightful article and it may change the way i approach my controller. great article!

Jimmy the Greek3606d ago

all right, i might get a game for christmas instead of something i really need, like clothes to replace the ones that are crumbling off my body, final verdict, should i get gow 2? is it the kind of game that ill get hours on end of joyous gameplay?

roblef3606d ago

you know, jimmy, i think it is. The multiplayer and co-op modes really help feed the social animal in me. There are many more modes that require teamwork and buddying up, not the least of which are Wingman, where you play with one other person and try to beat 4 other teams of 2, and Horde, which is a never ending wave of baddies coming to get you and your 4 buddies. Tons of fun. So much so, that i've spent most of my time in multiplayer, figuring i can get the story campaign in when the furor dies down on my friends list (when the next big game comes out).

Jimmy the Greek3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

ill ask for it, but ive got another question. did they change the player colors from the first gow? more specifically, i loved the campaign but i couldnt get into multiplayer because im colorblind. the grays didnt treat me well. i found id shoot my teammates by them looking so much like the opposing team my itchy trigger finger would get spooked.

CrAppleton3606d ago

Not so much "changed" the colors, as they have added colors. Some of the better maps from the first title i.e. gridlock, have been over run by greenery. The maps have a more run down feel. Seeing how the game takes place 15 years after the original, thats a good thing. Canals also has a face lift, and has had ice and snow added. There are still a few dark levels and gray levels, but they fit the industrial theme. But for the most part the game is more vibrant and colorful than its predecessor.

CrAppleton3606d ago

Love your article! You've managed to capture almost everything I love about this game! Just reading this makes me want to get back online this second and play more!

CooperHawkes3605d ago

Dude.. beautiful. Well written. Bravo! BRAVO!!

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