New "Department" at the PlayStation Store: The Capcom Storefront

PlayStation.Blog writes: "This Thursday, we are releasing a custom category for Capcom. As you may know, Capcom has been a huge supporter of PlayStation Network, so we collaborated on a special storefront to coincide with the release of Age of Booty.

Within this "Capcom Store", you'll be able to browse through all Capcom digital content available from PlayStation Network. Once inside the Capcom category, you will notice that all their content is sorted by title. This allows you easy access to view all content related to a particular game. This includes all full game content, demo and promotional items (themes, wallpapers, etc)".

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jwatt3319d ago

That's nice, hopefully other publishers will follow in the same direction.

tocrazed4you3319d ago

Makes looking for things easier and makes the developer sell their games better too I bet

Danja3319d ago

I agree it would help making games be a lil bit easier to find...pretty cool in my book..

jwatt3319d ago

I like things better this way, instead Sony telling us they're going to do something and people get impatient, they just surprise like this.

mpmaley3319d ago

This looks like the forerunner of Home, so I imagine other publishers/devs will be on board soon.

FantasyStar3319d ago

I don't understand this at all.

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ToastyMcNibbles3319d ago

that looks really...looking forward to more storefronts in the future and hopefully sony adds more of those slick backgrounds in the store like they do with the movie section

Masta_fro3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

an excellent opportunity to allow for companies to promote their games better, and shift support for future games towards sony...

Konami, Activision, EA, Guerilla...etc should take advantage of this.

Good to know the PS store is so flexible.

rogimusprime3319d ago

deliver the goods with the psone classics.

I want resident evil 2 dammit! They are leaving money on the table by not offering it up.

krouse933319d ago

I cant wait for this on thursday its gonna be sweet hopefully Sony will reward other developers too and give them their own store fronts too

Mhassan3319d ago

If Sony keeps rewarding publishers, especially Japanese publishers with things like that maybe they will start putting extra effort in bringing more exclusive content to PSN. Its a pretty slick move from Sony, i have to admit. I mean giving Publishers heir own space for just their own content is a very net idea. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea.

ultimolu3319d ago


That looks great.

PirateThom3319d ago

I have noticed on the UK store they've been adding different backgrounds to the "latest" page. When Burnout Paradise went on the store, it had a Burnout Paradise store front, same with LittleBigPlanet this week.

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The story is too old to be commented.