GTA IV: Can You Run It?

System Requirements Lab has added GTA IV to their site, which tests your computers against the system requirements provided by the developer.

To test your computer, select 'Grand Theft Auto IV' from the drop-down list.

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Charmers3690d ago

Ah good ole systemrequirementslab doing a good job of getting everything wrong lol. I thought I would give it a whirl and apparently my GPU has 1.5gbs of video ram (it doesn't it only has 320mbs). Still at least they have stopped adding the frequency of cores together to give you a megahertz rating now.

As expected my Q6600 + 8800GTS (320mb version I know it's old but it suffices) passed even the recommended requirements. All I can say about the requirements is this better be one hell of a port. I mean I want to see a hell of a difference between the console version and PC version to justify these requirements.

moses3690d ago

It says my 1GB GTX 280 is 1.7GB, but you're right, it used to say my E8400 was 10.4GHZ.

SaiyanFury3689d ago

With my Core 2 Duo e6850 clocked to 3.5GHz, my RAM 4GB clocked to 933MHz, combined with my 9800GTX clocked to 9800GTX+ standard, I can run it easily. No worries here.

uie4rhig3689d ago

but then its usually shared ram, systemrequirementslab checks for the shared ram and the dedicated ram, in my case it says 1.5GB, my laptops specs say 'up to 1.5GB vram with 256 dedicated' so it sounds just about right ;)

AND YAY!!! mine can run it on minimum specs 8)

kevnb3689d ago

its showing the available shared ram, but it seems to know how to rate the video card correctly anyway.

mabreu3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Can you PC run it better than PS3 and X360?
For me the answer is yes! And my PC cost under $400. Got it on craigslist.

Dell 530 Inspiron
Q6600 2.4 Ghz
4gb ram
GeForce 8600gts

SaiyanFury3689d ago

Haha someone actually disagreed with me over something? I didn't even offer an opinion. I guess some people just disagree for no reason at all.

velaxun3689d ago

That 8600GTS is gonna do nothing for you....

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moses3690d ago

I'm assuming that I'll run it maximum with a SSC eVGA GTX 280 and a E8400 Oc'ed to 3.6ghz on 1920x1200. I hope :|. But it will run like a dream compared to the console versions, that's all that matters. It felt to blurry and clunky on them.

El_Colombiano3690d ago

Quick question, is 1920x1200 a 4:3 or a 16:9 aspect ratio?

baum3690d ago

I don't like pop-in.

Delta_FX3690d ago

I sure do love those pop-in textures, jaggies, and iffy frame-rate!


ambientFLIER3690d ago

If you don't like pop-in then install the game to the hd, thanks to the nxe.

Delta_FX3690d ago

Installing it won't fix jaggies and frame-rate.

ambientFLIER3690d ago

There are no jaggies or frame rate problems. Remember, the Xbox has hardware anti-aliasing, and a xenon processor.

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ReTarDedFisHy3690d ago

My laptop passes all recommended specs, scratch the video card. One level below the recommended 8600 >:(

San anto3690d ago

yeah same with my laptop is there anyway to upgrade a laptops video card sorry for such a nooby question.

ReTarDedFisHy3690d ago

It's not easy, but not impossible. But Quite frankly, it's next to impossible. I wanted to upgrade my old laptop but all the shops I went to said that it was impossible. My friend claims he upgraded his, but I don't know how. You can upgrade RAM easily though :}

Kleptic3689d ago

it can be done...but the issues is not so much that its impossible, and more as to what will 'fit' in the laptops case...

the general rule of thumb is that it can only be upgraded to whatever other card options ship with your specific laptop...if you have an integrated graphics chip (like an Intel GMA XXX or something), its probably hopeless to try for any dedicated sets...however if you have an Nvidia go card of some sort, and didn't opt for the most powerful gpu available when you purchased the system (or one came available after purchase, yet is for the exact same laptop), chances are you can upgrade to that...

the other shatty part though is that most of the time these cards are built on a proprietary basis for the laptop maker, as they are designed to fit in very tight conditions for that laptop only...they can be based on the normal PCI card's architecture (like a G70, 80, etc.), but are one of a kind for your specific notebook..making them extremely overpriced to replace or upgrade to...

the real rule of thumb...don't buy laptops for gaming...unless of course you go for a seriously overweight alienware or voodoo that uses standard desktop GPUs...

Sarah Palin3689d ago

You can scrap EVERYTHING in your laptop and build up from scratch. Anyone who says otherwise just wants you to PAY them to do so----unless its a MAC. Other than RAM and HDD, those arent really upgradable---not easily anyways.

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krouse933690d ago

lol nmy video card is only 128 mb i need a gig one badly.

kevnb3689d ago

unless its a 4870, 260 or 280.

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