Gears Of War 2: Epic's BOTS are Back


"Thank you Epic.

Thank you for the effort and intelligence to work out to bring back the bots to both online and offline multiplayer with Gears of War 2.

Since Perfect Dark Zero bots have gone missing this generation on the 360, with only Live Arcade titles like the simple but enjoyable Age of Booty integrating AI as opponents into games.

The focus this generation has been squarely on finding Live online 'community' members in lobbies or on friend's lists to play against in multiplayer and owning Gold Live membership."

A list of reasons why Gears 2 bots rule after the link:

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Hunter863684d ago

Yeah its great. Loving bots. Good read.

gaminoz3684d ago

I soooo agree. The bots are fantastic. I can't believe more games haven't bothered. Timesplitters was so great because of them and PD0 multi only survived because of them!

Superfragilistic3684d ago

Bots and split screen!

Thank you EPIC. :)

Bnet3433684d ago

The AI in this game is so amazing, the best I ever seen. Horde mode enemies are very smart. I can't get enough of Horde mode! :D Already beat it on Pavalion, now trying to beat it on River.

-GametimeUK-3683d ago

my friend was down and the locust next to him thought it would be funny to melee the wall for 30 seconds

ThanatosDMC3683d ago

It happens to all games. Sometimes variable scripts tend to get mixed up.

poopface13683d ago

I love shooters and bots are great, especially back in the day. Some of my favorite games had bots like unreal, UT, and Perfect dark. also duke nukem 64. Bots add alot to splitscreen or for people with crap/no internet. or in this case, people without LIVE.

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Immortal Kaim3684d ago

It's so true, bots can be really fun, plus they allow for a build up process in skill before you decide to take it online.

gaminoz3684d ago

That's a really good point. It can increase confidence and help you get a grip on the maps.

3683d ago
Hunter863684d ago

Bots are on xbl as well. When a game isnt full you can use bots to fill it.

4cough3684d ago

Ps3's AI ablity cant handle bots "FACT" and the ps3 console cant hadle Xbot's due to its wankey online fuctions "FACT".

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The story is too old to be commented.